Insomnia in Chicago

I flew into Chicago this morning, leaving at 6am LA time with a solid 40 minutes of sleep under my belt. I did press all morning for the Improv in Shaumburg, Illinois this weekend,, and then my friends Brian, Joey, Ari and I sat and had some dinner in the hotel bar and listened to some people complain about their jobs. At least that’s what I thought they were doing.
The truth is, I was actually just assuming that they were complaining about their jobs, because that’s what I naturally do when I see guys wearing ties sitting down drinking and talking after work.
What an unfortunate little world we humans have created, where most people have to spend most of their time doing shit that they hate so that they can afford to do the shit that they love with what little time is left over. It’s a real sucky cycle, my friends.

I feel so fucking blessed to be able to actually make a living doing only shit that I love.
I can vividly remember the “job” days – spent doing construction, driving limos, delivering newspapers, etc – basically anything I could do for money while I figured out how to make a living doing comedy. There was always a part of me that felt like a loser because I hated working regular jobs.
I would just think, “What the fuck is wrong with me? Other people can pull it off, why am I such a fuck head?” I just despised the idea of spending my days doing shit I hated, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t “grow up” and put in my daily hours like everyone else.
Looking back now though, those years were incredibly important to me.
They gave me a deep appreciation of my freedom, and inspired me to push even harder when I’m feeling lazy. You gotta feel the sucky to appreciate the good stuff.
Sort of like how nothing makes you appreciate a good woman more than being in a relationship with a fucking nightmare, and nothing makes you appreciate the smell of roses more than walking into one of Joey Diaz’s farts. At least the farts are funny. That’s just one of the universal rules in life that we all know; when dudes are hanging out together, farts are always funny. I guess the nightmare relationships are funny eventually too if you can get out alive. But I digress…

It appears that the “method” we were using on my myspace page for event invites is no longer effective, so to advertise club dates in the future I’m going to be reduced to posting up frequent bulletins when the dates arise, and sending out email list blasts from That, and of course my calendar will always be up to date if you wanna check there.
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What I’ve been doing lately is trying to return to a city just about every 6 to 8 months or so. The way I see it that seems like just enough time to give people a break, and to write a reasonable amount of new material.
That, and I’m really committed to being more active with this website. I love writing, and I really appreciate all the kind words and responses to the blog, it’s just a matter of forcing myself to spend a certain amount of time posting on it each week.
I’ve got a whole experiment that I’m going to do with managing my time when I get back to LA, and I’ll post about it here.

I’m also going to try to post much more frequent clips of my stand up here too. Preferably right after the week is over.
Here’s a clip from last week in San Francisco. It’s my brokeback mountain bit.
It was on my CD, and I love the bit, but realistically it’s shelf life is fairly limited because of the fact that it’s a movie that’s already at least a year old, and after a while a topic like that just kinda gets stale. Nothing is sadder that seeing a comic doing a bit about a movie from 10 years ago that no one remembers. My bits evolve and change as I continue to do them until they’re pretty much “done.” This one seems to be done, so I figured I’ll just throw it out there on the net.


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Most importantly though, sign up for the mailing list at That’s where I’m going to try and put the majority of my energy in the future.
I’ll try to get another one of these blog entries up before the weekend is over.
In the meantime, Chicago people, strap the fuck in! We’re here all weekend at the Improv in Shaumburg, Illinois, and we’re in high gear.
Joey Diaz, Ari Shaffir and I have been traveling around steady for months now, and the shows have been fucking insane. The best shows I’ve been a part of in my entire life by far.
If you’ve never seen Joey and Ari perform with me, they’re both fucking hilarious, and both of them could easily headline clubs on their own. They’re also two of my best friends on the planet, and it’s been an honor doing all these shows with them.
It’s more than just comedy, it’s a fucking movement, and everyone can be a part of it. Come on down and catch us, we’ll make you laugh, and we’ll change the way you look at life.