Adam Carolla podcast with me up now

This was a really fun podcast to do. I’ve always enjoyed doing Adam’s radio show, but it was especially cool talking to him uncensored. He’s a really interesting, smart dude, and this is the perfect format for him. Someday we’ll all have an internet connection in our cars and this really will be the future of radio. The old companies are outdated, and with the advent of new technology anyone with something interesting to say can have an audience. You don’t need a gigantic machine behind you, you just need the same technological infrastructure that everyone else can also enjoy.

This is a huge moment in our societies history – for the first time an independent person can easily reach millions of people. You can actually reach more people than you can with television because really it’s available to anyone with a connection. It’s only going to get crazier and crazier from here on out, too. Information is moving at an incredible pace.
Go to Adam’s site to listen to the audio. I had a really fun time as a guest on his show, and I’m gonna be a regular listener now. Adam is really awesome in this format. Here’s the link: