Ask and yea’ shall receive…

Nothing better than the Internet for connecting perverts with technology. It’s truly like it was made for us. I casually mentioned yesterday that it might be funny to see Jerri’s head on some slut’s naked body, and literally moments later my man Mike Baker from had doctored these up and sent them my way. Outstanding indeed.

UPDATE: At the request of Jerri I removed the doctored pics of her.

Mike B. Sent me the original tricycle slut, and I HAD to keep that one up there because it’s just tooooo weird.


I especially like the one on the bike. It just makes you wonder how the fuck that picture ever got taken.

"OK, I have an idea… let’s get out the Pier One rattan rug, we’ll hang it over the wall and onto the floor, and then you ride over it on my kid’s tricycle and I’ll take your picture while I jerk off"

"Are you sure you’re really a TV producer?"

"Yup, trust me. Scott Baio just called and he’s on his way over here right now with the script, so start peddling!"

I’m having a blast here doing the Stern show, and The Daily Show was a blast as well. I don’t think it aired tonight, but I’m not sure. Check your local listings if you’re curious. It was short and sweet, the usual b.s. about the show and the critics reactions. That Jon Stewart is a funny man, and he gets my vote for the best talk show host. Right up there with Letterman in my book.

My brain is pretty fuckin scrambled right now, going on 4 hours sleep in two days, so I think I’ll try to shut ‘er down for the night and get ready for Howard again in 6 hours. We’re still trying to talk him and his crew into appearing on a "Very Special" Fear Factor episode. Call in and encourage him if you have the free time.

Maybe we can incorporate something like this for next year...

Show me the vagina, please…

I’m in NY for the next couple days. I’ll be on the Howard Stern show Tuesday and Wednesday all morning, and the daily show Tuesday night. Joining me on the Stern show Tuesday morning will be my ex-girlfriend Jerri. She’s currently showing her ass in playboy, so if you’re looking for something to whack off to, go pick it up and pretend you can see her vagina. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get off a good nut unless I can see the canyon. And don’t give me any of that "I like playboy because it preserves some of the mystery by not showing everything." Hey, I’ve licked girl’s assholes before. There IS no mystery. Just shut the fuck up and show me everything, please.


Maybe if you’re a pervert AND a photoshop wizard, you can cut and paste some porno chick’s box where Jerri’s should be. I’m sure she won’t give a shit, she just bought a house with the money she got from playboy. Amazing, ain’t it? If I whipped my cock out for a magazine I bet I would barely be able to get enough money to buy a new dog house.

It’s a woman’s world, people. That’s why this dude went out and got his cock removed. More on that, and other bright ideas tomorrow. I’ve gotta be on the radio in 4 hours…