Back from the Great State of Texas!

Man what a fuckin’ blast I had there! It really never ceases to amaze me how fun Texas is. It’s just a totally different animal. Dallas was fun as hell with packed shows at the Improv, and then we had a CD release party in Houston hosted by KLOL followed by a free concert we put on at the Laff Stop.

I was initially supposed to do stand-up at the party where we broadcasted from, but it was hosted by a local bar/restaurant chain called Champps Americana, and when one of the corporate weasels got a hold of my CD he had a panic attack and we almost had to move the party elsewhere.I thought that doing stand up at a sports bar would have been pretty fucking lame anyway, so what we decided to do was broadcast at the bar with party hearty DJ Outlaw Dave, and then head over and put on a show at the Laff Stop immediately afterwards.

We announced it just that morning on the radio, and by 8 that night the place was packed. We had a bunch of local hotshot talent go up and do sets, then Joey went up and rocked the house, and I went up to the kind of reception that I really don’t get anywhere else in the country. It really kinda freaks me out how popular I am in Houston, and I’m truly honored that they’ve taken me in as their own.

It’s the birth place of my kind of comedy with both Sam Kinison and Bill Hicks, two of my all time favorites originating out of there, and a crop of local talent that’s easily the best in the country.While most open mic comics in other cities are doing the same lame shit that you’ve heard a thousand times before… "Women are smarter than men, right ladies?" "Don’t you hate those stupid commercials?" The Houston open mic-ers have bits where they express controversial opinions, take chances, write truly original shit. I salute them, and I swear to fucking god, if I didn’t want to ever do TV again, and I could just do stand up, I would move to Houston tomorrow and stay there for as long as my liver holds up.

I tried to do mostly new shit on the show that night since I get so many people there that have seen me before, and I really have to buckle down and do a shitload of writing before I go there again in November.It’s really weird doing comedy for people that already know your material, and actually want to hear bits they’ve heard many times before. Some chick in the audience called out for me to do my Anna Nicole Smith bit, and when I finished it, Joey ran onstage with his balls hanging out of his pants. I know on paper it sounds kind of stupid, but trust me, if you saw those fucking things live you would blow a gasket. He literally has testicles that look like two oranges in an old ladies panty hose. He then went though various stages of undress as I narrated, including picking up his cock with his fingers and slapping a spoon to his sack as he sang the soundgarden song "spoon man."

Some chick in the audience actually video taped the pandemonium and she said she would send me an mpeg of it. As soon as she does I’ll have it up here for your amusement.

Good times, good times…