Back from the Static…

OK, everything seems to be all fixed here. Ugh, what a fucking mess that all was. For full details as to why the site was down for a few days last week check here for a post that I wrote about it on the messageboard. It’s all very bizarre, but thanks to my man J.T. from all is well again.

I also have a new Rocket Arena 3 server it’s listed as JOEROGAN.NET in gamespy, and the ip address for it is If you’re a Quake3 junkie you’ll know what that means, so hop in there and frag to your heart’s content, if not just ignore the last statement.


I will NOT be there tonight as advertised, but instead only be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I got a part in a movie that I’m filming, so I had to delay my arrival in your lovely town. Come on down and be a part of the fun. My buddy Kevin Booth is filming me there performing all this weekend, and we’re gonna release a tape of it.


Pull your tits out and run onto the stage and maybe you’ll be in the final cut. Just make sure you do it during a lull or something, don’t go fucking up one of my bits with your tits… ha ha ha. Get it? I rhymed.

Man, I need some fucking sleep.

See you when I get to Texas…