Background for the Spike show

I just woke up from my post morning radio nap, and I got this cell phone picture message from my friend Bruce who is on the set of my Spike TV show at the Southern Theatre. This is the background that’s going to be behind me on the show.
The Alien Overlords will be pleased.


Picture messages are just one reason why I don’t have the iphone as my main phone. The fact that it’s 2009 and they can’t fix that is just fucking gross. Almost as gross as the fact that iphones still don’t have copy and paste.
When someone sends you a picture message on the iphone it sends you a website address and a login/password to see the message, but since there’s no copy and paste you have to actually use a pencil and paper and write down the login and password that they give you on a piece of paper like a fucking caveman.

Either way, my blackberry came through and I’ve got the picture.
I’m gonna order up some room service and get ready for tonight’s show at the FunnyBone.