Big Fat Fucked Up Show at The Mint this Thursday…

Tomorrow, Thursday the 7th, my number one partner in crime, Joey “The Cuban Eggroll” Diaz and I will be doing a show at The Mint in Hollywood. It’s a special 7pm time show to encourage people just getting off work to come out and have a fucking blast with Joey and I, instead of the usual routine of traffic, dinner, TV, depressed thoughts about what your life has become, and sleep.

We offer you instead, an alternative evening of crazy drunks, stoners, hot chicks, and Joey most certainly whipping his cock out onstage.


Oh yeah, and funny fucking comedy too.


We only do one or two of these shows in Hollywood outside of the Comedy Store every year, and the last one we did about a year ago at the Viper room was legendary.

The Mint: 6010 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035 (323) 954-9630