Crunch time

I’m done with my weekend here in Denver and got everything done that I wanted to do.
I got down my set list, had some great fun and got to do some shows in one of my favorite cities.
I also got a chance to drive up to the mountains and seriously think about moving here.
The winters are rough, but the lack of traffic is fucking sweet, and you really can’t beat the scenery. The mountains are like the most mind blowing art work you could ever look at, and they’re thousands of feet high and all around you.
It’s really a magnificent thing to be around, and it’s incredibly inspirational.

The cool thing about Colorado is that you can be in these mountains, and then drive 20 minutes and be in the city.
I travel so much with comedy and the UFC that I really just need a place close to an airport, and if I needed to practice stand up the Comedy Works clubs out here are some of the very best in the country.
I’m gonna wait until after next week in Columbus to seriously think it through, but I’m definitely leaning in this direction.
I know I’ve gotta get out of LA, and Colorado so far is my #1 alternative.

For now, it’s crunch time, and I’ve got this weekends shows on audio to go over and make notes on for the next few days, and then I’ll head to Columbus, Ohio to get the party started and film my Spike TV comedy special next thursday.
If you want to be in the audience for the filming, it’s all going down Thursday, March 5th at the Southern Theatre in Columbus, and tickets are available on Ticketmaster.
The next few days are going to be progress reports and video blogs.
Thanks to everyone that came out to the shows in Denver! I had a great fucking time.