Day 5, February 8th

Today was all about seeing my parents.
I got up, drove over to their house and just hung out all day. I’m hardly ever in Tampa, so it’s rare that I get to hang out at home with them.
It was nice. We got to catch up on all the bullshit and compare notes on our respective views of this highly unusual life we’re all going through.
One of the things about my parents that’s really interesting to me now, is that they’re into politics. When I was a kid, my dad never talked about what’s going on with the country, or how crooked politicians have hijacked our once great system. Never.
I just don’t remember it ever being a point of discussion.
The most political my dad got was when he would talk about how lucky he was that he didn’t get drafted for the Vietnam War.
I think the next time we talked about politics was when he was livid that they were spending tax payers’ money trying to prosecute Clinton for lying about a blow job.

8 years of Bush and Cheney changed all that shit for my folks.
As they sat and watched these gangsters hijack our country and turn the majority of the world against us, they slowly became interested and active.
My parents live in Florida, and if you don’t know anything about Tampa, it’s a wonderful place filled with fun loving young people and lots of old political conservatives.
There’s a lot of the type of people that watch the O’Reilly Factor on FOX news and nod in agreement with a down-turned sour puss. “This country is going to hell in a hand basket!” They got mad at the Dixie chicks for speaking out against Bush and the Iraq war, and they think that Sarah Palin has moxie.
Basically my parents are surrounded by a bunch of stubborn old retards that can’t seem to realize that we’ve been taken over by a fucking pirate ship dressed up as the Christian American Dream™.

My mom put an Obama poster up on the front lawn and someone stole it and replaced it with a McCain one. She even volunteered to help his campaign, a true first in her life.
We talked about my own cynicism in regards to our political system, and how that’s changed over the last year or so.
To me, American politics were such an incredibly tortured fucking mess.
These gigantic corporations were donating insane amounts of money to each candidate’s campaign, and these candidates follow the agreed upon agenda of these businesses regardless of the will of the general population.

To me, this whole system seemed 100% irreversibly fucked.
We’ve got a system where a gigantic percent of the people are dullards, yet we have a democracy where supposedly everyone gets a say in what goes on. The whole voting thing in itself is a horrible way to run things.
There’s no fucking way everyone should have a say.
Now, I know what you’re saying, “That’s like something Hitler would say, asshole.”
Which, I’m sure he probably would have, but what better example to illustrate the point?
If THAT crazy motherfucker got into a position where people were listening to him,
There’s no fucking way the masses can be trusted.
They’re responsible for some horrible, horrible choices.
There are just WAY too many dumb people.
Just look at the numbers, they’re fucking STAGGERING. Over 50% of Americans recently polled believe that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. OVER 50%.
One of them was the chick running for the position of the Vice President of the United Fucking States of the World.
Now if everyone really gets to vote, that’s a wrap.
Fuck… if they believe that, what the hell else do they believe?

Now that I’ve seen the results of this election, I’m thinking it’s not exactly that simple or cut and dry. Just seeing Obama in office and hearing him talk has changed my feelings about our future. For the first time in over a decade I feel optimistic.
I see him on TV, and the fucking dude is a rock star. People fucking LOVE him.
He goes outside and people go ape shit when they see him.
That fucking dude really is hope for a huge percentage of the people, not just in America, but on the whole planet. He’s smart as fuck, and his speeches are intelligent and inspirational. Who knows if he can pull anything off or fix this mess we’re in – it’s obviously too soon to tell, but to me that fucking guy feels like the real deal.
He really feels like a positive leader, and that gets me thinking – what if it really is that simple? What if our whole country’s direction isn’t really lead by a secret cabal of international bankers with a secret agenda for world dominance, but rather it’s run by the whims of whatever person happens to be in the oval office.

For real.

Is that possible? Is it really that simple? I have a tendency to explore seemingly ridiculous conspiracies, but watching Obama run the country really has got me thinking that maybe it’s that simple.
Maybe we really are in this horrible mess that we’re in right now because for the last 8 years we’ve been lead by a dim witted buffoon and his cabinet of sociopaths and criminals, and now that they’re gone maybe shit really is going to change.
That’s how my parents feel, and I’ve got to admit it was really strange pulling up to their driveway and seeing Obama bumper stickers on their cars.

It was awesome hanging out with them for the day, and seeing my sister and her kids as well. What a strange thing family becomes when we grow older and start making people of our own. My mom talks openly about how strange it is to see her baby on television, or how weird it is when we go somewhere and people want to take pictures and talk with me. And she talks about how strange it is to see me grown up as a man.
I guess that’s just how it is when you create a life, you just never cease to be fascinated by this ever so common, but incredibly unique experience of watching a person develop from scratch.