Dumbest President EVER…

Buckle up kids, this is gonna be a fucking hysterical four years!! I can’t wait, I’m gonna save some money on my taxes and undoubtedly be treated to a gold mine of comedy material.


Oh, and by the way, you retarded fucking republican sheep that read this page and send me emails about how Al Gore "distorts the truth" and how he flunked out of divinity school, you can just stop now. First off I want you to find ONE thing that I’ve EVER written where I was supporting Gore. You can’t, right? I like McCain and I would have voted for him if he got the nomination. I’m not a democrat, and I’m not a republican, I just hate dummies. Maybe there’s still hope for Bush yet, perhaps the trilateral commission can hook him up to this thingy.

And secondly I think ANYONE with half a brain would flunk out of divinity school. The whole purpose of divinity school is you living your life by a book that condones slavery, treats women as second class citizens, and was written almost two thousand years ago by dudes that claim to be talking to God.


Why is it that most of the people that want to be naked all the time, you never really want to see naked?


I don’t know why, but that always seems to be the case. My buddy PissAnt sent me a link to this site called the naked news. The title basically says it all, it’s the news told by people that are naked. Only they don’t start out naked, they slowly strip while they’re telling you the news.


It’s not even remotely interesting, and the chicks that they get to do this are pretty low rent. Sloppy saddle bags, lumpy asses… shit like that. They even say it like they’re real reporters and don’t even acknowledge that they’re naked. I would like to see a better naked news where they tell you the truth behind the news while they give you the facts. Like maybe a guy wearing a sign that says "democracy" bent over a court bench while a naked hot chick reporter wearing stiletto heels fingers herself and tells you about the Supreme Court ruling to stop counting votes. While she’s talking another chick with a strap-on, dressed like the Statue of Liberty enters into the frame and starts to drill the dude in the ass. She punches him in the back of the head and fucks his ass until blood sprays all over the bench, all while the naked reporter fingers herself and explains that the people responsible for this ruling are the same ones that brought you the magic bullet theory.


She comes, and we fade to black.

Feel free to steal that idea if anyone wants to produce it.

Sorry about the infrequency of the updates, I’ve been busy and we’ve been having problems with the site. Thank you to all that emailed me about the problems loading the images, it should be fixed now.

Do you play quake3? Do you like football? If so… then you MUST try out this game!!! It was created by Andrew, my bad ass webmaster.

It’s free if you have the full version of quake3, and all you have to do is download it and have fun.

Check this site out, it kicks ass. Any site called drinking hard is all right by me.

More to come tomorrow!