Gangsta Fag!!

As promised, and as heard on the Opie and Anthony show, here’s the mp3′s of the gay gangsta rapper known only as Gangsta Fag!!

It is seriously some of the most hilarious shit you’re ever going to hear, and best of all, he’s FUCKING SERIOUS.

This is a real life gangsta rapper that’s gay. He’s actually a really good rapper too, surprisingly. Sure to make many an uncomfortable moment while you’re driving around with your buddies.



Track 1: He wantz it

Edit 12-20-05:

I’ve been contacted by Gangsta Fag’s publicist, and apparently he’s making a comback! Thanks to me getting his music on Opie and Anthony on XM satellite radio Twisted G, a.k.a. Gangsta Fag has a new lease on the music biz!!

He has a new website up now, and he should have a CD out sometime soon in 06.

As requested by his people, I’m taking all the songs down except for one, “He wantz it.”

I picked that one, because it was the first one I heard, and the one I found to be the most disturbing :)

Enjoy, and long live Gangsta Fag!!