Girl’s hair weave stops bullet

That sounds like a joke, right?
It sounds like an hilarious scene in a Keenan Ivory Wayans movie. But it’s not. It’s real.
This black chick has this crazy red wig on that doesn’t even look remotely natural. It’s coarse and thick and looks as much like human hair as scooby doo looks like a real dog, but apparently the shit stops bullets.
She took one to the back of the head, right through the back window of her car, and it got stuck in the weave. Chick didn’t even go unconscious. Fuck Tex Cobb, THAT, my friends, is a hard fucking head. What’s even more fascinating, is watching how she’s talking about getting shot in the fucking head – She’s REMARKABLY calm. She talks about the bullets going by going “zoom zoom zoom”, and then the one hitting her head goes “bam!”

I find it impossible to even imagine any white chick having that same reaction.
I think black chicks are just capable of being way calmer about shit like that. You shoot a white chick in the head and even if it didn’t hurt she’ll use it as an excuse to be a pain in the ass for the rest of her life. She could get cunty with you about something 300 years later and just say, “You just don’t understand… the memory of that night haunts me. I left a piece of my innocence that day in those projects…” Meanwhile, the black chick has already walked it off, and she’s moved on to complaining about her shoes hurting.
How’s that song go? “It takes every kind of people…”
Indeed, it does.

I’ve gotta be up for my flight in 2 hours, so I’m gonna crash.
Enjoy the video of this very fortunate young lady, and come see me at the Southern Theatre in Columbus Ohio March 5th when I film my Spike TV comedy special.

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