Helping Eli Armen-Van Horn with his homework…

I got this email today from this guy, and since I was in a weird mood and I put so much effort into responding, I thought I would post it here:

Hey Joe; I’m a college student, and I’m writing a paper about people degrading themselves on TV. Our teacher is totally anti-television and all that shit, so I’m going to write this paper that totally supports shows like Fear Factor, or Temptation Island, or any show where people degrade themselves. I was wondering, since you’re the host of Fear Factor, and just generally kick ass, if you would care to share your feelings about these things so I could quote you in my paper. I’d also understand if you don’t have time for this shit and just want to delete it.

Thanks man.

BTW: I can’t wait for your DVD!

-Eli Armen-Van Horn

Well, Eli, I think what’s “Degrading” for some isn’t degrading for others. If you took a guy that was a CEO of a major corporation and forced him to work behind the counter of a local bakery to make a living, some would think that would be degrading to him, but to customers at the bakery that don’t know who he is, that is in no way thought to be a degrading job.

It’s all in the perception. For most people getting on a show and getting covered with rats would be degrading, but for others it’s just stupid fun, and a chance to win money and be on TV. The people that would do a show like fear factor either don’t give a shit how people view them, or they’re too dumb to realize that other people are going to laugh at them. Either way, I don’t think the majority ever feel degraded, it’s just the people at home goofing on the contestants, or watching in horror or disdain that feel that the contestants were degraded. Again, it’s all in the perception.

Now that I cleared that up, I would like to say that I personally am all for stupid people getting taken advantage of for the amusement of others.

I’m for stupid people being taken advantage of, period. I don’t believe in protecting dumb people. That’s what evolution is all about, the strong minds should dominate, and weak minds should be taken advantage of. Like for instance, I don’t condone fraud, and I certainly think that most cases of fraud should be prosecuted, but I think in some cases of extreme retardation we should, and do, let it slide. I believe fraud should be acceptable in cases where it’s so obvious that only a complete, and total asshole could get suckered in by it. Like for instance:

Big dick pills.

It should be totally legal to sell big dick pills, because if you’re fucking dumb enough to believe that a pill can make your dick grow, you deserve whatever you’ve got coming. Don’t you think that maybe you would have heard about that before? Like on the news or something? Wouldn’t you think the new york times would run a story on the big dick pills first? No, I think they generally announce astounding medical breakthroughs that would be worth TRILLIONS of dollars world wide, as commercials during the Howard Stern radio show. That’s how they get the word out. It’s very effective.

I think if you’re ripping off naive old ladies with a mortgage scam, you should go to fucking jail, but think they should let the makers of the "Hollywood 24 hour miracle diet" slide. And if someone ever hears that commercial, and asks you if that stuff works, you should encourage them to invest their life’s savings in it. Tech stocks are down, but big dick pills are on the rise!

Protect the helpless, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feasting on the complete, and total idiots, and that’s exactly what most reality shows do.

I understand "Survivor," I get "The Amazing Race." I could see a lot of people thinking it would be fun to be on "Lost," and as with all of those shows, you have a chance to win some cash. What really freaks me out is the reality shows like "Temptation island" where there is no prize, and there’s nothing to gain. They just make no sense to me. Fear Factor makes sense to me, and not just because I’m the host. It’s a game show, and you could possibly win $50,000.00. You get a chance to pull out of each and every stunt, so you can always back out and never have to do something you couldn’t deal with. When I was young and broke, I TOTALLY would have done a show like this. And even though back when I was young and broke I was probably a little too insecure to laugh at myself as easily as I can now, I’m pretty sure I would have had a good time. A show like "Temptation Island", on the other hand, absolutely baffles me. They totally and completely pimp you out on TV, exploit your assed up relationship, show you and everyone else video footage of the love of your life, dry humping and tongue wrestling on a sand dune with some other dude, ask you how you feel about it in front of millions, and you can’t even win a fucking nickel. To me, that is a beautiful example of evolution in action. It’s total, complete exploitation. It’s a mental battle that’s a monstrous mismatch, where stupid people (contestants) are being taken advantage of by a group of smart people (the network). The network offers the contestants public humiliation in front of millions world wide, for which the network shall earn millions and millions of dollars, and all the contestants will get in exchange for this humiliation is the chance to be on television. It’s all very obvious and up front, and yet the contestants jump on it, hook line and sinker.

In effect, they sold them a big dick pill.

The real question is where does it all end? Can they sell them a pill that makes you taller, better looking, smarter, AND gives you a big dick?

I think when Fear Factor gets canceled, I might look into marketing just such a thing. I gotta think it would beat the kind of bad karma that you get from being on a shitty sitcom. In closing, and to answer your question, I have no problem with dumb people degrading themselves, and if it’s interesting, I’m gonna watch.

I’m gonna post this on my site.

Hope it helped


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