Home, Sweet Home…

We’re now off the fucking Communitech virtual nipple and we have a home on a real dedicated server at Communitech pulled me for the final time for having "Pornographic material" in the form of that chick slobbering all over Joey┬╣s package.

Basically they were trying to muscle me into getting a dedicated (much more expensive) server with their company. I was thinking about doing it with them, but the fact that they flat out lie in their advertisements by saying they offer "Unlimited bandwidth" and the fact that they yanked me off the net twice without warning led me to go elsewhere. Stile recommended, so that was good enough for me. Now I just have to get some ads and shit to pay for all this shit.

From the Rogan Board comes the QUOTE OF THE DAY:

Rancid Turtle wrote: "The sluts and slobs story was the most inspirational thing I have ever seen. I’m still a little misty. I mean if an uncircumcised slob like Diaz can get deep throated in a public toilet by a reasonably hot slut while the camera rolls, there is hope for all of us."

True dat, Brother Turtle, true dat. Inspiration comes in the strangest forms sometimes. I was inspired to become a stand up by watching shitty comics at the local open mic in Boston. Sometimes the most beautiful ideas come to us while we are viewing some of the most disgusting things imaginable. I have to think that somewhere there’s a smart guy with a shitty job sitting at home watching Comedy Central, when Sinbad comes on, and all of a sudden he has an idea that will alter the course of his life forever…

I’m off to North Carolina for the weekend, more fucked up shit to come when I get back!!