Humanity gone haywire

I just watched a video of humanity going haywire.
It was on people in Africa that have been convinced by missionaries that Satan has possessed young children there. They’re regularly tortured, beaten and killed for being witches. Or if they want to keep their possessed child alive, they can take the children to one of the local “witch expert Bishops,” and they can pay to have the spell removed.
This one “Bishop” in the film talked about how he’s killed 110 people that were witches, and that he estimates that the number of witches and wizards in his area to be exactly 2.3 million. He’s a dead eyed, evil looking motherfucker dressed in a wacky outfit that looks like something Michael Jackson would wear in a music video, and grown adults in his area take him very seriously.

He does these retarded ceremonies on these children, and charges the poor parents what amounts to a year’s income for the service. If they can’t pay him, he holds the children captive until they can. How totally Jesus-like.
The video is absolutely stomach wrenching. Many of these children are horribly scarred from their own parents who have tried to kill them for being possessed. One of the girls was burned with acid and buried alive by her mother.
It’s a fucking human catastrophe, and I don’t remember ever hearing a peep about it in the evening news.

We’re all over here worried about the economy, and keeping up our precious lifestyles, and meanwhile there are thousands and thousands of innocent children in Africa that are being labeled as possessed and tortured. It’s fucking completely crazy, and the lack of focus on it is really disturbing.
The lack of attention on this shit just seems really odd to me, and I can’t help but think that if this was taking place on such a large scale in another, predominantly white country like Finland for example – I think it would be a much more talked about story. For whatever reason we as human beings are ok with fucked up shit happening to people that we don’t know who already live in a fucked up place, but when it happens to people that we don’t know who live in a nice place we get very upset.
If there were thousands of people being beaten and killed in Sweden or England for being witches it would be all over the news, but since it takes place in Africa it’s just in a video that someone linked on a messageboard on the internet.

It’s weird how some things freak us out and other things we’re really casual about.
I had a conversation with some friends the other day about the escalating violence in Mexico. One of them had absolutely no idea what was going on over there, and was completely unaware that the drug wars over there have gotten so bad that 5,000 troops have been deployed to Juarez to attempt to control the area. My friend is just a regular dude that’s busy with work and his family, and he hadn’t heard about the problems. He’s not ignorant, he’s just busy, and he had no idea that thousands of people have been murdered over there in the last few years, and that they estimate the size of the army of heavily armed drug dealers to be over 100,000 strong and growing. Now, if that was happening in Houston, it would be serious, front-page news, and I’m sure my friend would have been aware of it, but because it’s taking place in Mexico the story is significantly less popular than the latest video of Brittney Spears’ pussy hanging out.

“Sucks for Mexico” is the attitude, but “Mexico” is just a fucking name and an idea.
We live on a round, connected planet, and the whole notion of countries is just some shit we made up.
What’s very real though, is that on this planet we live on the exact same patch of dirt that Mexico is on.
It’s right there connected to us.
You can call it two different things, and pretend all you want, but once you get past the fake line separating the two you realize that just a few hours drive from some Major US cities lays complete and total chaos on a scale rarely ever seen anywhere else in the world. Humanity gone completely haywire; mass murders, beheadings, 2 hour long gun fights in the middle of the streets – it’s all going on every day over there, and folks in America don’t seems concerned at all.
The violence is starting to bleed over the border too, especially in Phoenix, where they’ve had an average of a kidnapping a day over the last year. We feel safe because of our “borders” but at this point the United States is like a gated community just outside of a warzone.

I think we as human beings are in a very strange stage in our evolution, especially in regards to how we’re altering our perceptions of reality through the use of technology. We’re connected together by the internet in a way that no humans have ever experienced in the history of the species, and it’s only been going on for the last 15 years or so.
It’s started slow, and snuck up on us, but now that it’s here to stay it’s moving at an incredible pace.
We’re more aware of each other and have more access to information than any generation by far, yet we still live under the same flawed and ill-conceived structures that were set up in our disconnected past. They just don’t make any sense anymore, and that’s why they’re falling apart. The economy never made any sense to me, but I always thought it’s probably best to not get obsessed by this shit, and to just leave it up to the experts. Turns out, the economy is so fucking wacky that even the experts don’t understand it. Now with the internet, we get the reports on this shit instantly, and the information is flowing much, much faster. More people know more than ever how fucking crazy the whole system is, and because of that knowledge people have completely lost faith in the system and accelerated it’s demise.

Corruption gets exposed much quicker, and much deeper now. That whole Enron scandal was probably some shit that those shady fucks could have pulled off much easier 20 years ago. It’s not like stuff like this wasn’t going on in the past, it just wasn’t getting exposed in the manner that it is today. When you have to wait for the news on TV, or get up for the morning paper you feel so much further from the information than if you can just grab it from the internet. With the internet, when some shit is happening it’s getting reported on RIGHT NOW. Instantly, and it’s easy to find.
You could just type ENRON into a search engine and a whirlwind of corruption and corporate crime will come piling on to your desktop, including stories of a whistle blower that committed suicide by shooting himself in the head… twice. All this information is available to you anytime you would like to look at it.
20 years ago you would have had to wait for a book to come out exposing all the information, and the poor guy writing that book would have to fear for his life every day of the week before it comes out. Today – a story like that breaks and within 30 minutes hundreds of websites have reported on it. I can find it on my phone in 30 seconds.

Halliburton would have operated under the radar in Vietnam, and Blackwater would have quietly changed its name in the 60’s and no one would be the wiser.
Not any more, because things are clearly changing. All these guys look horribly corrupt because they are, but they’ve always been this way. We’re just getting a closer look at the world we live in than ever before, and we can spot this shit much easier now. All these corrupt people are operating the same way people like them have always operated; it’s just a model that doesn’t really work anymore. We have more access to everything now – companies, people, news, ideas – if it keeps moving in this direction the next few years are going to be very strange indeed.
Here’s the video of the kids in Africa. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to feel like shit, though. It’s pretty rough.