I drank my own piss

Man, these fucking blog posts have been pretty gross lately, huh?  Alien abortion nose clots, and a video of you drinking your own piss?


I should have mixed it up with something interesting and different, but the truth is I just moved to Colorado and it’s been taking me a bit of time to get settled in.  Everything is on track now, and I’ve been writing, so I’ll have some new shit up soon.  I’ve also started writing a book.  It’s on my early days of stand up comedy and hell gigs, but as I’m writing it who knows what it’ll actually turn out to be about.  Most of my blog updates start out as one thing and then as I’m writing them they become what they eventually are when I publish them, and usually a lot different than what they were in the beginning.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and I’ll have some new stuff up this week.