I’m bringing back the fanny pack, Nashville this weekend

I made this video yesterday and posted it on youtube and twitter, and it’s gotten a tremendous response. Apparently there are a lot of us closet fanny pack lovers (maybe not the best term?) and we’re sick and tired of having to hide our appreciation for a functional wardrobe choice.

It’s started a tremendous debate on my messageboard, and from that debate we have acquired support from fanny pack wearing bad asses all over the planet, including Chuck Motherfucking Norris, Hulk Motherfucking Hogan, and of course the great Anderson Silva, the #1 pound for pound fighter on the planet.

I’ve got other examples of fanny pack wearing bad-assery as well for all you haters, so you can just go suck it! The fanny pack is making a comeback!

If you’re in the Nashville area this weekend and you want to show support for the wearing of fanny packs, or you just want to see some wholesome, homegrown American stand up comedy, I’ll be at Zanie’s in Nashville tonight, Friday, June 5th for two shows and tomorrow, Saturday, June 6th for two more.

If you show up wearing a fanny pack I’ll buy you a beer and film you for the internet!
We can win this fashion war, people. But we’ve got to stick together.
See you bitches in Nashville!!