I’m giving away my isolation tank.


One of the coolest things from the psychedelic movement of the 60’s that for some reason never really caught on with the mainstream is the isolation tank.
It’s an amazing invention by the late, great psychonaut John Lilly. He was trying to find a way to isolate the mind and the thoughts to be completely independent of the distraction of normal sensory input from the body- like touch, sound, sight, etc.


The idea being that if you could get away from all of the normal, natural signals and distractions your mind could function on a much deeper level.
What he came up with is a tank filled with water that’s heated to the same temperature as the surface of your skin, and it’s got 800lbs of Epsom salts in it, so that you float on the surface of the water. The water is heated to the same temperature as your skin, so when you lay in it after a while you can’t feel it.
Your ears are under water so you don’t hear anything, and when you close the lid of the tank you’re in complete darkness.
It’s a really freaky feeling, and at first it’s kind of hard to get comfortable.
Your brain isn’t used to the experience, so it’ll start giving you “busy work” – making you think that you’ve got to itch your nose, or move your arm or something, but if you can just breathe and relax you can get past this stage.
Once you learn to get comfortable it becomes amazing how clearly you can think and see things.

Being alone with your mind is a very odd feeling and it takes a while to get used to it.
Outside of the isolation tank there’s really no experience like it.
There isn’t another environment like it in the world; where you can go so quickly, so deeply into the human mind. It takes you to a place where it would take the average person many years of meditation to achieve a similar mind set, and it throws it at you right away.
For some people it can be really unsettling in it’s self-analytical effect. When there’s nothing to distract you from your thoughts it’s very difficult to ignore things that have been troubling you.
Any aspect of your behavior or your life that you’re unhappy with will be dragged out of the shadows of neglect and denial, and put on center stage with a giant spot light on it. If you’re the type of person that is trying to evolve and grow, it’s an amazing tool, but if you’re the type of person that would rather go through life with blinders on it’s going to give you a psychic beating.

I’ve had one for about 3 years now, and it’s helped me tremendously.
Initially I got the tank because I wanted to experience the psychedelic effects that I had heard it could bring, but at the time when I was thinking about that I was imagining wild, hallucinogenic visions. While it certainly can bring that, especially when you get really comfortable with the experience, another aspect that is just as psychedelic is the extreme introspection it provides.

It’s fascinating, but it hasn’t all been comfortable and fun. I’ve had quite a few experiences in there that were a little unsettling to say the least. In the long run though, it seems like those experiences are the ones that you really seem to grow from the most. For me, when I’m disappointed in my behavior, or the choices that I’ve made in my life the tank just makes those thoughts and memories so uncomfortable that it immediately makes me change my reaction to any future similar situations.
When you’re alone in the tank it’s a different kind of being alone.
It’s the kind of alone that just doesn’t let you bullshit yourself. If you were wrong, or off base about something, no matter how much you’ve been deluding yourself thinking that you were in the right, you’re going to see the whole picture with crystal clear clarity when you get into that tank.
You can just feel negative energy that you’ve caused or projected so clearly, and you can see how putting that kind of energy out there really is a choice, and it’s not a choice that you have to make most of the time.
You just have to approach it with that perspective.
The tank makes me see how we often live our lives on the momentum of the past, constantly defining ourselves by how we have already behaved, constantly cycling through a pattern of pre-determined thoughts moving around on these pre-arranged tracks, instead of running our time on this planet through a well considered, best-case scenario approach.

“I want to live my life in a way that, were I not me, and I saw that behavior, it would inspire me to be a better person.”
I know that sounds like some hippy, trippy horseshit, but isn’t it possible to live like that? Wouldn’t it make the world a far nicer place to live if everyone came to the true realization that the only way to truly be happy in this life is if you’re nice to other people?
Because truly, that is the only way, and if you ask basically anyone in the world what he or she wants most in life, it’s to be happy. Happy and in love, that’s the best feelings life has to offer, and the only people that want anything other than that, are the kind of people that need happiness and love the most.
The tank tries it’s hardest to steer you in that direction.

The real problem with that kind of thinking, of course, is that the world is infested with morons and douche bags.
Chances are I don’t need to tell you that, because you’re reading this on the greatest platform for scientific study of the common douche bag that has ever existed- the Internet.
No generation in the history of humanity has had a better look at the common douche bag than this one.
You think your grandfather knew what the fuck was up when he was 20?
What he didn’t learn from his neighborhood or see on “the Little Rascals” was all just speculation to him. They really had nothing else to go on.
Back then kids didn’t even know to avoid getting into a van with a clown. That move was actually still working 60 years ago.
Your grandfather’s knowledge of douche bags when he was 20 compared with the average college student of today, is like comparing what a blind man sees to a guy on mushrooms looking through a kaleidoscope.

Every fucking day I get a hundred or so links sent to me in the email, and 80% of them involve either a story, a picture, or a video of a douche bag in action.
Douche bags from all over the world. There’s soldiers throwing a puppy off a cliff, men stoning a young girl to death because she was in love with a boy from the wrong religion, a guy shits on his friend’s head while he’s sleeping – you can SEE all these things. Not just fucking hear about it, like that Richard Gere gerbil rumor – I’m talking you can actually experience watching each and every one of these things, and you can do it over and over again.
There’s never been a time like this ever.
We know SO much more about the average asshole than any healthy person has ever known about the subject throughout human history.
The average 15 year old of today has a better idea of what horrors people are capable of than a prison guard from the 1940’s.
So what I’m trying to say is that this certainly isn’t a perfect formula, this whole “be nice to everyone” thing. There are going to be moments in life where you run into said assholes, and you have to respond accordingly.
But what I’ve found in my life though, is that the nicer I am the less assholes I meet, and that my time in the tank has made me nicer.
The more I make a concerted effort to be positive, the happier I am. To me it’s like a much less annoying form of “The Secret.”

The really weird part of the tank experience comes once you get comfortable with the experience.
Once laying in this weird, warm, salt-water box becomes a regular thing, it becomes easier and easier to relax and go deeper and deeper.
To me, it feels as if there are layers of bullshit I have to peel away before I can get to what “me” really is. I always feel as if I’m following a series of machines on a network; each with their own specific job of making life move along, and that I have to recognize and understand how each one works in order to pass it and eventually get to the “source.”

The human systems go in a pretty predictable pattern that starts with my personality, and then connects to the various people I come into contact with in my life, and as I pass over that, I eventually branch out to an overview of people in general; egos, relationships, self discipline, then it starts to drift away from individuals, and go to examining cultures, human motivation, symbiotic life, universal consciousness, then slowly but surely it gets to “the place.”
“The place” is the ultimate goal – a state of consciousness at the center of it all where your “mind” doesn’t exist. It’s a place where the ego is temporarily forgotten, and where in the complete absence of sensory input you converge into “everything.” The more I get in the tank and go through the process, the deeper I can go, and the freaky thing is, it doesn’t seem like this experience has an end point. Every single time I get into the tank I get a little bit further, and a little bit closer to the source.

Whatever the fuck that “source” is, it’s very much like following the cords on a computer network to it’s source. Everything feels solid, tangible, and easy to follow – up until you get past the machines and to the spot where it all plugs into the wall, and then it all gets a little sketchy.
I mean, the computers, the keyboard – all that shit makes sense, they’re all solid items, but what the fuck is really going on past that plug in the wall? I mean, what the fuck is electricity all about?
The monitor you can touch, and when you move the mouse you can see the cursor respond, and that all seems to make sense, but what the fuck is going on when you follow those wires to the internet? The information you get from it is obviously real, but the concept behind it is so hard to wrap your mind around, really.
The “source” of it all. Well, there’s a “source” of it all for you, too. You’ve just got to slowly make your way though all of the components of your human network to get into contact with it.

Mystical visions have been a part of the growth of humans forever, but a lot of so-called “no nonsense” people may tell you that the pursuit of such visions are just a self indulgent waste of time. They will tell you that serious men and women of science have no use for seeing things that aren’t really there.
What’s hilarious about that, is that a visionary experience was the motivation behind the work of the man who invented modern analytical thinking, René Descartes.
He had a series of dreams in 1619 where the angel of truth came to him and explained to him how he was going to measure and define the laws of thought with mathematics.
It’s one of the main foundations of modern scientific thinking, and it came to him from an angel in a dream.
Pretty trippy shit, huh? And especially ironic considering that a lot of people who consider themselves to be scientific thinkers won’t put any thought into considering the influence or power of things that they can’t actually measure.

I think we may have to learn to accept the idea that there may very well be something that we’re all a part of that we’re not completely aware of – that we really are just a part of this huge, gigantic oneness of everything that we can’t really detect under normal circumstances because of our ego and our physical limitations.
Just because we can’t sense something doesn’t mean it’s not there.
One way that I like to put it that makes it easy to grasp is what I like to call “the fart analogy.”
The way it works is, if I cut a fart in front of you and you didn’t hear it, and you don’t have a nose, how would you know?
You wouldn’t have a clue, would you?
You would just be sitting in my stench, completely oblivious.
Well, I think it’s absolutely ludacris to think that all of our limited physical senses detect all of the energy around us all the time. Ever wave your hand over a colony of ants? They don’t have a fucking clue you’re there. You have to physically touch them before they’re even aware of your presence. How do we know that there are not an infinite number of different types of consciousness around us all the time that we’re just as clueless of as the ants are of us?
It’s much, much more likely that we’re only seeing a tiny fraction of the big picture, and the deeper you get into the tank experience the larger the piece of this infinitely big picture you’re able to see.

The bottom line about this life is that as of right now, it’s confirmed that it’s temporary.
You’re going to die, and no one knows what the fuck is going to happen when that moment occurs. There’s a lot of speculation, but until you cross over to the great beyond and come back to talk about it, I’ve got nothing to go on.
And if you DO cross over and come back, then you’re a fucking zombie, and I’m gonna hit you in the head with a shovel before you can steal my brains.
How weird is that, whenever someone dies and comes back to life, it’s ALWAYS a bad thing? They’re always walking around trying to kill everyone they meet and eat their brains. No one just comes back to life, and is like, “Hey, sup, I’m not dead anymore. You guys wanna go get some Chinese food? Nice to be back.”

Now, I know to the uninitiated this shit can sound like some spaced out nonsense, but that’s really because you haven’t experienced it! What I’ve given you with these words is the best description of it that I can give, but the only way to really know what the fuck I’m talking about is to try it. It’s 100% safe, and if you’re ever uncomfortable with the experience you can stop it at any time by simply getting out of the tank.
If you google “where to float” it’ll show you places where you can hopefully find a tank for rent close to you where you can try it out for a small fee.
That’s how I got started in this whole thing. I rented a tank at a place in Burbank, CA called “Soothing Solutions.” I then went on to buy a tank from the people that provided their tanks, The Samadhi Tank company.
Well, I recently had that tank replaced with a new, crazy high tech model, so I’m giving my old tank away online. To win it, simply sign up for my mailing list, and at the end of June I’m going to randomly pick a name on it.
As long as you live in the continental United States you’re eligible, and I’ll even pay for shipping and hire a guy to come out to your place and install it.
Watch the video at the top of this story for more details, and good luck!!