I’m off to North Carolina…

I know I’ve been slacking on the updates around here, but one of the ways I keep myself from jerking off is too avoid this computer. I have a LAN set up here with 3 computers, one is my back up one that I store shit on, one is my game machine that I use exclusively for my quake addiction, and then there’s this one that I do all my "work" on, that coincidentally has all my porn on it. It’s been about 20 days since the last spanking, and I fear that even a slight glimpse into my vast collection of naughty mpegs would send me over the deep end.

North Carolina was pretty fucking cool the last time I was there, and I was looking forward to heading back until I read this, and realized what kind off an ass backwards state most of it is. Grow a beard or go to jail. Sounds like an excellent way to fill your time and put resources to work when there’s no more books to burn. Didn’t Bush win that state? Whatever…

As for this China thing that’s going on, it looks to me like Chinese people fly just as bad as they drive. A slow plodding spy plane, and they crash into it with a high speed fighter jet. Nice going, fuck face. It’s not even remotely plausible that the U.S. could be to blame on this one, and I think even the Chinese know it, but I think they smell an excellent opportunity to fuck with George Dumbyuh and see if they can get Dick Cheeny to have a fatal heart attack.

They’re probably laughing their asses off over there just thinking about it.

Here’s some more dumb shit to think about: a kid is suing because they won’t let him where a straight pride sweatshirt.

My take on it? Anyone that’s proud to be straight is a fucking moron. Same as anyone that’s proud to be gay. I’m happy I’m straight, because I really, really like pussy. (Especially now, after not jerking off for 20 days) But I’m not PROUD of it. I’m proud of accomplishments and achievements, and even dwelling on stuff like that is a waste of time and takes away from living in the moment. If I was gay, I’m sure I would be happy to be gay (especially if I was a lesbian) … but never proud. It’s a sad statement about the general mentality of this country when people have to run around proclaiming that they’re PROUD of something that they have absolutely no control over, like gender, color or sexual preference. White pride, black pride, straight pride, woman pride, etc. It’s all the same retarded, short sighted bullshit.

Smart people realize that there’s only 3 types of people: Morons, assholes, and people you can hang out with.

Instead of going to the principal about the kid with the shirt on, if the girl had any brains her and her friends would just look at the guy and laugh.

But no, that would be too smart and make far too much sense. You have to stand up and proclaim your retarded knee jerk reactionary bullshit response. In this pathetic state of confusion we find ourselves in, freedom of speech only applies when you agree with the person, and it seems to me that the people that you would expect to be the most open minded (liberals) are often the ones that are the most guilty of close minded censorship. Being proud to be straight does not mean that you hate gays, it just means you’re a fucking idiot.

Fear the power of the pussy!!

Still thinking about that fake moon landing thing? Although I’m not totally convinced of anything until I see concrete, Zapruder film type proof, I gotta say this guys movie has really got me thinking. If you can afford it, get it. It will truly make you think. It’s far more convincing and damning than that FOX show. It actually contains NASA footage of the astronauts faking the distance between the Earth and the Apollo 11. The guy describes it all on his site, and you can hear him interviewed here on the Coast to Coast AM show (you need windows media player to listen) where he goes into greater detail about how he acquired the footage, and some other creepy, secret information type shit that you may or may not believe.

Oh yeah… remember, I believe in Big Foot too, so don’t take what I think too seriously.

See you in a few days…