Is this thing on? Party with me Saturday night at Tao in Vegas

Due to all the heavy traffic this site has been getting we had to upgrade the servers hosting this site and replace them with newer, more powerful technology. We also have it set up now where comments in the blogs will be done through vbulletin, so to comment now you just have to register for the forums and your login and password will also allow you to comment here.
If you had already registered for wordpress and had been posting comments here before, I apologize but you’ll have to re-register now. This just makes commenting easier and consolidates the two groups so that if you post comments you can also post in the forum.

Now, if you’ve only read my blogs and have never visited the forums it’s a pretty cool and unusual place. There’s over 2,000,000 posts there, and anytime ANYTHING fucked up or interesting is happening on the internet I can guarantee you’re going to find it on that board. It’s a very eclectic group of people discussing everything from democracy, to animal attacks, to conspiracy theories, to scientific discoveries, to shit eating porn.

It’s all in there. It’s a very addictive place to visit. Lots of really, intelligent, funny people post there, along of course with the usual gangs of douche bags that any anonymous internet forum attracts.
The way we have it set up on the forums is that I didn’t want to censor anyone, but a few annoying individuals can really ruin the atmosphere of a message board. Instead of banning them, we decided to create a sub forum for people with behavior problems called “Special Ed.” In there the posters banished to the sub forum get pink names and are only allowed to post there.
Regular posters can choose to post in either forum. It’s a nice way of avoiding censorship while still weeding out the douchey-ness.

There’s some truly epic threads on the forum, one of the greatest being “pic of the day.” It’s a thread where people post any fucked up or cool image that they find on the internet. There’s thousands of insane, beautiful and horrendous pictures in there. The only rule is don’t post anything that’s illegal, and don’t be an asshole. So please sign up, and please feel free to post on the board and for the folks that were already registered to post in the older blog here please re-register so that you can continue to post comments here. I really, really appreciate them, and I really appreciate all the feedback that I get from writing this blog. I’m glad some of you enjoy it, and that certainly motivates me to keep writing more new shit for you guys.
I’m working on one about my trip to Germany, and I hope to have it done either tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Also, if you’re going to be in Vegas this weekend, I’m hosting a party at Tao Nightclub at the Venetian Hotel to celebrate my comedy special premiering on Spike TV this Saturday night. Joey Diaz and Ari Shaffir will be joining me, so if you’re going to be out there come on out and join in the fun. We’ll take lots of pictures, and if you’re lucky Joey will show you his balls.