JoeShow 7 is out.

Redban has switched over to a pimped out new G5 Mac and put out the best JoeShow to date. It’s all about a fake band my friends put together when we were on the road in Denver.

Check it out here: JoeShow 7!!

I know I keep saying I’m gonna update this page more often, but once I can release the news of what I’ve been up to it’ll make sense as to why I’m so fucking busy. I can’t talk about it for a few more weeks, though.

For now what I can talk about, is I finished filming a new stand up special that we’re editing right now, and I’m really fucking happy with it.

I’ve also started work editing a new CD which will include a completely separate disk of recordings of me dealing with hecklers at the Comedy Store.

I’ve been recording there non stop for a few years now, so I’ve got a ton of them to edit.

I’ve got some new stand up dates, too. I’ll be in Boston at the Comedy Connection at the end of the month for sure. Some of the other dates had to be moved around because of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and some other shit, but I’ll try to keep everyone that gives a shit posted.

For now, keep checking the stand up dates section of this site.

Just a little over 7 years left, people… 12-21-2012