Legalize it – The JoeShow

We were doing an online reality show back in the day that we called “The JoeShow.”
Redban and I are ramping up getting ready to do a new online video project, so we thought we would release one more before we get cracking with the new shit.

The full crew is headed to Phoenix, Arizona Thursday, Friday and Saturday to perform at the Tempe, Improv. It’s one of my favorite stops in the country, and the place where I recorded my 2005 Showtime special. I’ll be slinging a bunch of new shit your way getting ready for my Spike TV special to come out June 20th.
I’m really kicking my stand up into high gear these days, and I’m really looking forward to laying it down for my friends in the desert. We’re going to film a lot of short clips for the internet while we’re there, and we’re probably going to do some webcasting from the hotel room. Stay tuned to here and my twitter page for more details!