Sometimes life can get in the way of running a website. I’ve been busy as all fuck lately, working on this TV show idea that we pitched to ABC on Friday, and all sorts of other showbiz related shit. As usual, as soon as I have any real info I’ll post it here. The fine people at ABC seemed to like the idea, but you never know until it’s all said and done.

If I ever do wind up doing another sitcom, all these naked freaks with written on them are gonna have to be moved somewhere off the front page to a less conspicuous location, so enjoy them here while you can. Network TV shows are such a bizarre mixture of commerce and art, and anything that may upset the beer guzzling, macaroni and cheese eating Neilson box owning freaks from the Midwest is a big fat no no. How ANYONE could get upset by a stripper with my name written on her ass is beyond me, though.


That’s another picture from Devon. She’s got an ass that you could fucking hammer nails with. You could just pick her up by her ankles and build a deck with her ass. POW!!

She kinda scares me a little, there’s just way too much power in those cheeks. If she got too excited during sex, she could over squeeze her mighty snatch muscles and tear your cock off. I generally prefer my women a little softer, like Amber:


Soft sweet pale skin that clearly shows every playful spank mark. A plump round little ass that you can grab like a handle, and supple firm natural C-cups.


Speaking of America, and not knowing who the fucking president is… All you really need to know is that if either Gore or Bush wins there is no real president. Just different versions of the same problem, both of them put in there by, and working for, big businesses. Fuck it, maybe if that moron Bush manages to steal the election I might save a couple a bucks on my taxes this year.

Don’t confuse yourselves on this whole "President" thing, folks. We haven’t had a"real" president since since that slow drive in a convertible through Dallas.


Back, and to the left, baby. Back and to the left. The same folks that were running the country then are running it now. It’s called fascism. Just be happy we’ve got the bombs and not him.

You wanna really freak out about some of the shit that goes on in this country? Check out some of this dudes stuff.

As George W.’s crew goes to court tomorrow to stop a manual recount, here’s something you may find interesting about that.

Here’s another little thing to think about, a quote from Josef Stalin:

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything."

PLEASE stop sending me e mails asking me to link pages. You want me to check out your site? Fine, but I’m getting sick of reading emails that are basically just people asking me to link them and nothing more. If I truly like your site I’ll link it, but I swear to fucking god I get 20 or 30 requests a day and most of the sites are mediocre at best. So if you’re thinking about asking, don’t. Just send me a link, and if I like it I’ll let everyone know about it.

That said, you know how many people I’ve asked to link my site?



I would rather be a fucking animal, I really, really would…