Minneapolis video, San Francisco, Seattle, and the ghost of Lenny Bruce.

We had an awesome fucking time last week in Minneapolis.
The show at the Fine Line Music Cafe was a hell of a lot of fun, especially for my first time performing in Minneapolis. The people were cool as fuck, and luckily since we were there in the summer, the weather was great too.
Talking to people that live there and asking them how cold it gets in the winter can really scare the fuck out of someone that’s been living in California for the past 14 years getting soft.
It gets 30 below zero, every year.
Maybe that’s why the people are so nice there. They’re probably just happy it’s not winter.
They even have these enclosed walkways downtown that connect all the buildings together so that you don’t have to go outside to walk across the street.
Sometimes when I see how fucked up the traffic is in California I just think that maybe it’s worth it to live in a place where it sucks for 3 or 4 months out of the year to keep the weak willed from clogging up the highways.
Then again, I like wearing shorts in December…

Brian Redban made a cool little video about the weekend, and we’re gonna try to put one of these out after every one of these crazy UFC weekends.
Check it out:

This weekend I’m at the infamous Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on Friday night, and the Moore Theater in Seattle on Saturday night, and I’m extremely fucking pumped for the shows. I’ve always wanted to perform at the Fillmore, as it’s one of the most historic venues in the country. I’ve got a framed poster on the wall of my house from back when Lenny Bruce was there in the 60’s, and many a time I’ve used it for inspiration, or to just ponder what it must have been like back then when Lenny was literally taking the first steps of the modern stand up comedy movement.

lenny bruce fillmore

Without his contribution stand up comedy would likely be far different today. Pryor, Kinison, Hicks, Carlin – they all passed through the doors that Lenny opened up.
Sometimes when you watch stuff from that long ago it’s hard to put yourself in the mindset of that generation, and realize that his approach was completely revolutionary for the time.


It’s going to be a tremendous honor for me to perform in the same building where Lenny did, and the fact that it’s in San Francisco – one of my favorite cities ever, just makes it ever the more sweet.
On Saturday night were taking the freak show up north to the Moore Theater in Seattle, and that should be awesome too.
Seattle is always fun, and I don’t get to perform up there very much.
Hopefully Joey Diaz’ warrants won’t come back to haunt him up there.
See you motherfuckers this weekend!!