Momentum in the mountains

3:08 Mountain Time.
Had two great fucking shows tonight. They were just awesome, enthusiastic crowds out here in Denver. Last night I got loose after almost a week off of performing, and tonight I got my set for next weeks Spike taping down solid.
Stand up comedy is like a lot of things in that the more you do it, the smoother it gets.
You get into a certain groove when you’re performing a lot, and that groove allows you to create new material with less effort and to connect the material you already have in the most effective way possible. When I really “get there” it’s exciting because once you tune into that perfect comedy frequency you just have this feeling like you can make almost anything funny. I get done from these shows and I want to rush back to my laptop and start pounding out new ideas while the muse is still at my back.
These ultra creative bursts come in peaks and valleys, and it’s all directly related to how much energy and attention I give to my act. Right now I feel really positive about it, and I’ve been especially inspired by all this extra writing that I’ve been doing with the daily blogging and because of that the shows have just been fantastic. It all feeds on itself and builds like a giant snowball of synergy.

I also feel like now, more than any other time in my life, I’ve got a far better handle on how I operate my mind. I’m on a focused path right now, and with each passing day and each passing workout and meditation session I travel further and further on it to the point where if feels like the more I push in this direction the deeper the revelations become. With my mind constantly striving each day for the perfect frequency, and always being consciously navigated towards positive directions I feel like the universe is slowly coming into better focus to me. Each day the fog of reality is lifted ever so slightly more.
I can never completely grab a hold of it except for these maddeningly brief moments of extreme clarity whose memories become crude treasure maps of the promised land of “enlightenment.”

After they pass, you keep moving. The more I write, and the more I try to create the more it comes into focus. It’s this almost subconscious revelation that the more energy you put into honestly, freely expressing yourself the more you can tune into the “source.”
Stay on the path. Turn on the computer even when you want to crash and catch up on sleep. Recognize that energy and focus directed towards creativity designed purely for other people’s enjoyment – once put into motion – it becomes this incredibly positive momentum that fuels your entire life. I get a fucking powerful charge out of it – the feeling that you’re creating something inside your mind that’s entertaining thousands and thousands of people.
I’ve never felt more satisfied, and I’ve never felt more motivated.

I want to thank all of you cool motherfuckers that have left all of these fantastic and insightful comments on this blog, and I want you to know that I am honored to no end that so many cool and intelligent people read these posts. I want to thank you all for the countless cool emails that I’ve received as well since I started writing this daily blog, and how much all your kind words and expressions mean to me.
I’ve gotten an incredible amount of emails from people that have said that these blogs have inspired them, and I want you all to know what an incredible source of inspiration that is to me in return. I try to make these entries interesting, and sometimes I try to make them funny, but most importantly I try to make them brutally honest. I think the only way you’ll ever know me is if I show you me, and with your emails and your comments you exposed yourself the same way as well, and I’m truly humbled.

I’m going to the mountains tomorrow to check out a house I’m interested in.
I fucking LOVE Colorado. This place is ALIVE.