My brothers and sisters

My way of thinking has changed many times over the years in my life.
Life is a constant search for harmony – for when it all comes together with minimal negativity and maximum positivism.
I’ve had some unhealthy mental paths that I would go down, and I’ve put my energy into some unnecessary arguments in my day. Having gone through that, and not being happy with the results I eventually recognized that negative thinking just leaves you feeling like shit. It’s pointless.
I know this sounds all peace, love, and dirty hippy – but I think it’s important to talk about how we all can do better to be cooler to each other. It’s simply just a matter of a shift in the way of thinking and you can be on your way to being a friendlier, happier person.
I will pause here to recognize that the last sentence totally sounded like it was lifted off of a creepy late night infomercial for a cult. If there are any cults out there with writers block that are looking for a new catch slogan, please feel free to use that one.

I really can’t think of any other way to say it to make it seem less sappy, but it really is how I feel, and it’s how I operate my life.
One thing I do all the time is I call people “Brother.” I do it for a reason, and my attitude in doing it is just reaffirming our friendliness with each other. I mean it when I say it, not that like I’m pretending that you’re my brother and we grew up together, but that we’re all just a part of one big thing; humanity the super organism.
I got this way of thinking out of a discussion that I had with my good friend Ari Shaffir about our late friend the hilarious LA comic, Freddy Sotto.
Freddy used to call everyone “brother,” and me and Ari were talking about it one night, and Ari was saying that when Freddy says that to people you can tell he means it, and it makes people feel better. We talked about it, and what a great and funny guy Freddy was, and I’ve been calling people “brother” ever since.

I run into people out there in the real world that read these blog entries all the time, and I always deeply appreciate the fact that people are enjoying them. Before I started writing on this site I never had any writing aspirations at all. I just sort of started it for fun, and because it would be cool to see something that I had written be on a website with these digital pictures that I took. I’m sort of a technology geek, and when I first put up my site I just did it for a goof, because very few people were reading it back then. Now, especially over these last few weeks leading up to the filming of my Spike TV special where I’ve been keeping daily blogs it’s become this always on connection to thousands of people. It’s not something that I take lightly at all.

I ran into a guy in Vegas a couple weeks ago that had read my blog entry, “hello, stranger.” He told me that he had read it, and that it changed the way he thinks about people.
The blog entry is about a psychedelic experience I had on a boat in Hawaii where realized that we human beings are probably all exactly the same energy, but we’re just put into different bodies, different life circumstances, different cultures, and that’s what makes us who we are, but the thought was if I lived every second of your life, I would be you. If I lived in your body, and had your experiences, I would be you.
That “me” is the same thing for everybody, we’re just living this life through different filters.
You really have to read that blog entry to understand what happened, but that’s the short version.
It’s a special blog entry to me, because it accurately resonates the exact moment that a life changing thought entered into my mind when I was at a really open, and positive point in my life awaiting the birth of my daughter. (the people reading this on will have to go to my site, to read that story)

The guy came up to me at the bar and started telling me how he read what I wrote, and that he started incorporating it into his own life, and that it works. He said he really tries to treat people as if they were himself living another life through another body, and that it’s had an amazingly positive affect on the quality of his life.
It was a really weird moment, because I could tell that he meant what he was saying, and I certainly meant it when I wrote it, so here we are, two dudes that have just met each other, and we’re both just sitting there looking at each other thinking that we’re the same thing inside this different biological vessels. It was pretty fucking trippy, and at least 20% gay.
Thankfully neither one of us panicked during the discussion and started talking about pussy either. Some men can get very sensitive about being sensitive, and if they feel vulnerable at all they be quick with the pussy talk. It’s meaningless, empty pussy talk too, because realistically we both know that no man in that state of distress can even get a hard on.
If you’re so insecure that you’re talking about pussy to send signals that you’re not gay, you’re probably wielding a shaky boner as it is. Thankfully neither this dude, nor I got the gay panic, and in fact it actually wasn’t uncomfortable at all.
I talked to him and his friends for a while, we had a few laughs, we had a drink, and I wished him the best of luck in this crazy life, and I really meant it – seeing as how he’s me.