New video, and Pasadena this weekend

The shows Chicago were fucking awesome last week.
A HUGE thank you to everyone that came down and celebrated my birthday with me!! It was a great time, and the crowds were fantastic. Joey, Ari and I have been having so much fun with these shows that it feels like a dream. Like we’re in the middle of this crazy movie about our lives, and this is the best part. We’re truly in rare form.



We’ve got some great video from last week that redban is busy editing right now, so we should have some new shit up this weekend, and some more stuff at the beginning of next week. I should have this new blog that I’ve been working on done by the end of this weekend too.

For now, please enjoy this video of us fucking around backstage before one of the shows last week. It’s mostly Brian describing his method for pleasuring the ladies, and Joey Diaz dancing from the green room to the stage.

If you’re in the LA area come on down and see us this weekend at the Ice House in Pasadena. Jump on that shit quick though, because it’s almost sold out already.