New Video footage and Happy Asshole Night…

That’s what new years eve has always been to me, a night where dudes feel like they have a license to be an asshole. When you confront them on it, they always use that as their excuse too: "Come on man, it’s New Years! Woo Hooo!!" I almost always stay home on New Years. I used to do comedy clubs, but somewhere along the line I realized that the audience was getting fucked. They have to pay $60.00 for a show that would normally cost $20.00, and all they get extra is some cheap champagne. They’re usually not in such a great mood either, they kinda have that "For this money it better be really fucking funny" thing going on.

My friend Kevin Booth over at Sacred Cow Productions has put up another installment of my show that he taped in Houston in November. It’s all stuff that’s not available on my album. We’re gonna tape my shows in Austin in May and try to produce some sort of interesting video footage to sell on the net. I’m thinking about making some T-shirts too, if I can come up with something cool to put on them.

You can download the new video footage here, or stream it here if you’re on a fast connection, and here if you’re on a shitty one.

He’s got some other shit on the page too, like this drunken conspiracy conversation that I had with Alex Jones. You can download it here, stream it here on a fast connection and here on a slow one. Don’t get it unless you’re really bored, or at work. It’s really not that interesting. It was very a very bizarre conversation, and it lasted for a couple hours actually. (until some of the local Houston comics started goofing on Alex and he got pissed) Alex is this conspiracy kook that thinks the Government is creating a new world order to enslave the general population under martial law so that they can use the new breakthroughs in genetics to give the elite leaders eternal life.


He’s actually partially on the money about some things (like his coverage of the ATF raid on Waco), but then mostly discredits any real insight he might have with these fucked up theories that he has that have no basis in fact or evidence. His own site is pretty interesting though, and if your into conspiracy theories (and remember, they’re just THEORIES) you can kill some time at his site. I’ve added some new dates to the Where’s Joe section, including San Francisco at Cobbs Comedy club January 18 through the 21st.