New video footage for download and radio times…

I was in Houston this past weekend working at the Laff Stop, my favorite place to perform on the planet. It was a pretty wild weekend, the crowds were great, all the shows were sold out, and I finally got to meet Kevin Booth.

Kevin is a childhood friend of the late, great Bill Hicks, and the producer of all of his albums. If you’re not familiar with Bill’s work, get off your ass right now and get a copy of one of his CDs. He was a brilliant comic who died tragically of cancer in 1994. I had the privilege of seeing Bill live several times back when I was an open mic scrub in 1989, and I’m proud to say that along with Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison, Bill was one of my greatest influences.

His work was everything that great comedy should be: an uncensored look into the mind of a brilliant man with many questions. Rant in E-minor is without a doubt one of my favorite comedy albums of all time, right up there with Pryor’s "That nigger’s crazy" and Kinison’s "Louder than hell."Kevin and I started talking a few months ago when he emailed me saying that he enjoyed my album. Naturally I was honored, and we exchanged emails and then began talking on the phone. Kevin’s a brilliant producer, and we talked about recording some of my shows when I returned to Texas, so this weekend he drove down from Austin and recorded my last show Saturday night.

We’re gonna see what we can do with the footage, as my main goal in life right now is to get an HBO comedy special. It would be great if I could use this as a demo tape of some sort to get the HBO peeps interested. Anyway, there’s a sample up on Kevin’s website Sacred Cow Productions where you can stream it in high or low bandwidth, or if you like you can download it. Kevin has actually set up a whole page on his site for me, and on it there’s a link to buy my album, and an interview I did with CDNOW where I discussed Bill Hicks and how much I think Andy Kaufman sucked. The material in the sample clip from Saturday night is all stuff that’s not available anywhere else as most of it is really new material with the exception of the Jenna Jameson bit, which I first did on MTV in 1993 (back then I used Madonna) my whole set that night was about 50 minutes, and I’d say about 30 minutes of that is all stuff I’ve written in the last few months. There’s nothing more fun than busting out some good new shit!


I’ll be on these radio stations tomorrow morning, the times are all listed in Pacific coast time, so if you’re in a different time zone you’re gonna have to do the math all by yourself.


Time: 5:15AM – 5:30AM Station: KXXR Market: Minneapolis, MN Format: Alternative Live Interview

Time: 5:30AM – 5:45AM Station: WZBH Market: Georgetown, DE Format: AOR Live Interview

Time: 5:45AM – 6:00AM Station: WLZX Market: Springfield, MA Format: AOR Live Interview

Time: 6:00AM – 6:15AM Station: WYNF Market: Sarasota, FL Format: AOR Live Interview

Time: 6:15AM – 6:30AM Station: KBPI Market: Denver, CO Format: Alternative Live Interview

Time: 6:30AM – 6:45AM Station: WMOJ Market: Cincinnati, OH Format: Oldies (Yes…oldies. They claim their “older” demo is not offended by “adult” material. Live Interview

Time: 6:45AM – 7:00AM Station: KLBJ Market: Austin, TX Format: AOR Contact: Brother Hez Hosts: Dale Dudley, Bob Fonseka & Leanna Holmquist Live Interview

Time: 7:00AM – 7:15AM Station: KFMA Market: Tucson, AZ Format: Alternative Hosts: Frank Brinsley & John Michael Studio Taped Interview (what’s a matta? Scared I’m gonna swear? :)

Time: 7:15AM – 7:30AM Station: KZRR Market: Albuquerque, NM Format: AOR Hosts: T.J. Trout & Erica Viking Live Interview

Time: 7:50AM – 8:05AM Station: WAQY Market: Springfield, MA Format: Classic Rock Hosts: Bax & (John) O’Brien Live Interview Morning Show will be on loccation doing a marathon broadcast for charity

Time: 8:05AM – 8:20AM Station: Q-98 Market: Fargo, ND Format: AOR Hosts: Scotch & Dewey Live Interview