Phat Linkz…

One of the coolest things about doing a website is that you find out about other bad ass sites, and you get to make contact with the people running them. I can’t tell you how many times in the past I would just be scrounging around on the net looking for SOMETHING cool to check out. Well, not anymore. There’s thousands of sites out there hosted by some truly sick fucks doing some really creative shit and speaking their mind like you can only do on the internet.

This is a rare time in human communications, people.

I mean there has NEVER in history been a forum where a motherfucker like Stile can never leave his house, yet reach over 80,000 people a fucking day and make HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars showing you fucked up videos and twisted commentary, and do it all with NO FUCKING CENSORSHIP WHAT-SO-EVER. No need to deliver it to the editor, no need to pass it through for network approval. The straight motherfucking dope with no filter. Creative human expression has been watered down by commercial media for as long as anyone can remember, and really before the internet the only place where REAL free speech existed on a commercial level was stand up comedy.

But even then, to get it out to people you have to rely on someone approving of what you do. You have to get booked by a club, so you have to run your shit by the booking agent or the club owner. If you’re lucky like me, you get someone from a big record label to mass produce your recordings and distribute them to stores. If you’re luckier still you get someone from HBO to sign you on to do a special. Then people can see the material in it’s purest form, visual and audio. But someone has to say yes to you.

Not on the internet.

Here, any asshole with a dial-up account and too much free time can post some thoughts that thousands or even millions can read. Sure, there’s some shit out there because of this that really doesn’t need to be there, but hey… that’s the nature of the beast. That said, here’s some shit that I’ve found recently that DOES need to be there.

Cloud10 : Testosterone soaked honesty from a muscle bound dude with thinning hair. Holy shit, that sounds just like me… Mike (the dude running it) has a bad ass site with all sorts of fun surprises, and I highly recommend it.

Guyville : More or less an online magazine-type site with reviews, info, all that good shit.

Snowsurfer : Funny, honest fucked up shit, and info on how blue toilet water does not cause ass cancer. Could you ask for more?

Eat at Joe’s : TOP NOTCH goofing on all sorts of shit, including a whole series of pictures where he put a monkey’s head on Bobbi Billard’s body and is being threatened with a law suit because of it. He posted up the law suit threat for everyone to read, and left the pictures of the dumb cunt with the monkey head right below it. Much props!

I’m afraid of Americans : Radical, fucked up angry thoughts from Adler, a dude that seriously needs medication, rest, and counseling. In other words, great shit and an enjoyable read.

Muthafukka : For Muthafukkaz, by muthfukkaz. Do you really need any more info than that?

I didn’t think so, bitch.