Pirates, past lives, and sucking dick for homemade wine… not necessarily in that order.

I was headed to jiu jitsu class tonight, and I was listening to the CNN coverage of the Somali pirate stand off on Satellite radio.
It’s pretty fucking crazy shit if you’re not aware of the story. Basically there’s a stand off between US navy warships and 4 ak-47 armed pirates with one American hostage, and they’re adrift at sea for over a day in a lifeboat with no bathroom.

The somalia pirate situation is an incredibly complicated and fucked up problem.
A lot of these guys were fishermen until European boats illegally overfished their waters and dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste in it.
Hundreds of people have died because of the toxic chemicals dumped there, and some of these fisherman turned to a life of crime.
It’s an incredibly successful one, too.
These guys are pulling off kidnappings and taking over boats all over the place, often hundreds of miles from the shore.
Where they live is beyond fucked, there’s no real government, everywhere you look there are guys armed to the teeth chewing khat, a weed that has amphetamines in it.
Warlords run that part of the world, and in a land where the average person makes $600.00 a year, these motherfuckers are bringing in millions by holding boats hostage and demanding ransom.

It’s a really scary situation, and there’s not much people can do about it. It’s a completely unstable area, and criminal activity has proven to be far too attractive and profitable. These cracked out pirates are fucking rock stars over there. They’re rich as fuck, and they spend money like Tommy Lee at a strip club.
They live in an incredibly violent world of warlords and disposable lives with virtually no one to stop them. I was sitting in my car just trying to imagine what growing up in that environment would be like.

Could you even imagine? That easily could have been your world. How incredibly unfortunate it would be to be born a baby in the middle of all that shit. Your daddy is a heavily armed, cranked up fisherman who hijacks ships, and your mom is the type of woman that wants a guy like that to fuck her.
Just a complete shit situation.
And it could have easily be you or I in that situation.
At least that’s one theory.

I’ve read some really interesting thoughts on Karma and our roles in this life. Some people believe that you are exactly who you wanted to be when you chose this life, and that all the various personalities and body shapes and occupations are really just a part of some pre-determined course that all of humanity is on, and that we all have our own positions to play in the grand performance.

There are some people that believe that our places in this world are dictated by the work that we’ve done in our past lives, and that all of us will live our lives over and over again until we get it right. Each time coming back clearer and more aware, each time slowly inching towards enlightenment.

What that idea really is if you think about it, is a possible method of evolution. Instead of thinking that just our bodies evolve over time, and that the species becomes more intelligent when it’s brain improves with natural selection – what this idea suggests is that the “soul” is real, and that it evolves as well.

Each life is used as a vehicle for the soul to learn and grow, and with each life lived in the proper direction the next life becomes more harmonious until ultimately the soul reaches a frequency where they transcend the world of human life and move on to the next stage of existence.
The idea is that we’re transforming, caterpillars into butterflies. Humans into whatever the fuck comes next, and that one of the ways this transformation slowly occurs is that many, many lives have to be lived through before the soul has evolved to the point where it can break free. That it’s just another undocumented but often considered fact of life. The concept of reincarnation has been around for a long, long time, and it might not just be fairy tales or wishful thinking.

Some folks will tell you that it’s ridiculous, and for the most part they’d be right, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Lots of things that seem completely ridiculous are actually true. Anyone that’s ever had a psychedelic experience will tell you that there are things that can be seen with the simplest, most seemingly innocuous action like the digestion of a plant or a fungus and they can provide the most mind-blowing experience a human being to ever possibly be exposed to.

Little mushrooms that grow everywhere naturally, and if you eat them without going anywhere you will be exposed to art and wisdom and visions that are completely beyond descriptions. Beyond what’s been established as possible by the events of your entire life, and once you see them you’ll never truly be the same person again. Now, that sounds ridiculous, but it’s real.
Try describing it to someone that hasn’t experienced it, though.
They’ll give you the exact look that they would give you if you said you believed in reincarnation.

I’ve had psychedelic experiences that were impossibly bizarre and in them I communicated with energy that was impossibly wise and infinitely interconnected with the very structure of the entire universe.
These things are very much real, and I’ve experienced them.
My point is, that after a good DMT trip the idea of reincarnation doesn’t even sound a little outlandish. It’s certainly unprovable, but I don’t think it’s any more strange to think we live different lives, over and over again than it is to wrap our minds around the fact that we live ANY life at all. All life is fucking nuts.

All human existence is incredibly bizarre, and when looking at the human race as a single, gigantic super-organism to me it’s not more bizarre to think we live over and over again than it is to wrap your head around the idea that we live at all – that we think, or that we’re conscious. That we can see, and hear, and smell. That we all know death is inevitable, but we all run from it. Why would it be any weirder to live more than once? That to me – if a “soul” is a real biological or spiritual entity and not just a trick of the ego – that actually makes more sense than just living one life.
We just have no proof of it, and we can’t detect it, so we dismiss it.

We think of ourselves as one thing – “a person” – but clearly we’re a mass of a bunch of different and coexisting organisms, all kinds of different bacteria, and they’re all working together to keep us alive. Maybe the human soul is just another one of these entities that make up a person, and that as the human body is slowly evolving from the depths of its lower primate roots, the soul is evolving right along side it.

The human organism is a physical thing and it needs to create fresh bodies in order further evolve, because that’s what the body is; it’s a physical mass of cells and processes. Well, if a soul is a real thing (and I’m inclined to think that’s very possible) it’s an ethereal thing that we have no way of measuring or even documenting it. If it exists, and it’s a component of an evolving life form than it makes perfect sense that it’s evolving too, and maybe the way it does that is by passing from one life to the next, improving and evolving a little with each new incarnation.

Reincarnation may very well be real even though it sounds ridiculous and there’s no way to prove it. Just because breeding has a very obvious and traceable path to it doesn’t mean everything else does. There are so many fucking components of the human body working together without our knowledge that if we didn’t have science to explain and point them out we would have no idea they existed at all. Like the billions of bacteria cells in our bodies that we need desperately in order to stay alive, and we have no idea that they’re even there or the slightest clue what they do. Most of us are just sitting around cluelessly running through our lives while they do their work silently in the background. The soul might be just like that, but unlike bacteria we haven’t developed devices yet to study it.

The real problem with the notion of reincarnation is the same as the problem with UFOs – most people that talk about them are retarded and full of shit.
You bring up talk like that and you’re automatically lumped in with palm readers and people that claim to have seen the loch ness monster. Some people actually pay people to “read” their past lives, and tell them what romantic and pleasure filled adventures they’ve been through. It’s always the same kind of story, “She told me I was a captain in the British navy, and I lost my life defending my ship in the war.”
Always noble, always a winner.
How come nobody was ever a loser in their past lives? No one ever tells you that in your last life you were living on the street sucking dicks for homemade wine.
Always a princess or a nobleman, never a tranny prostitute.

I read a quote once from a famous Guru, and he said, “Enlightenment is possible in this lifetime.” I remember thinking about it at the time I read it, and how far I felt from being anywhere close to being enlightened, and then I thought of how far people can progress at other aspects of life. How a person can start off life not being able to talk, and eventually get to the point where they can write books and address thousands in lectures. You can go from being a baby to a brain surgeon, from a prisoner to a motivational speaker. Incredible progress is not only possible but documentable. Enlightenment is possible. Will you get there? Will I? Who the fuck knows. I guess it all depends on how far you have to travel and evolve to get there and how focused you are on doing it. All I know is that those pirates, strapped up with assault rifles and huddled together on a lifeboat that’s surrounded by warships have a long fucking way to go.