Questions and Answers…

Questions and answers…

Who the fuck is that fat naked guy in your CD jacket?

That’s Joey "Boogaloo, where’s the envelope" Diaz, a good friend of mine and one of the funniest fucking humans to ever walk the face of the planet.

Why is he naked?

That’s the way he would prefer that you see him, in all of his natural glory.  Warner Bros. found it to be too pornographic for public consumption, so they covered his cock with an exclamation point, but since this is my fucking site and this is the internet, here you go.


Hmmm, maybe I should’ve warned you about that first.  Oh well, if you lost your lunch I apologize.  If you would like to call Joey to complain, feel free to do so. His number is 213 397 2661, and I’m sure he would love to hear your feedback on his sagging nutsack.  If you would like to see him live, he’ll be opening for me in Dallas this weekend at the Improv in Addison.  If you’re lucky, and he’s in a good mood he may even show you "The Cuban Egg Roll" in person.  Lucky you, lucky, lucky, lucky…

When the fuck are you coming to NY?

Hey, settle down, tough guy.  I’ll be in Carolines Comedy Club in New York September 14th thru the 16th.  LATE SHOWS ONLY.  Thursday 10pm, Friday 12:30 am, Saturday 10pm and 12:30am

How can I e-mail you?

I really don’t think I want a bunch of people that I don’t know e-mailing me.  There’s something very violating about getting unwanted e-mail.  It just arrives in your box and you sit there reading the ramblings of some fucking opinionated retarded douchebag and his thoughts on what you should do onstage next time you come to Youngstown.

No thanks.

Some of you I’m sure I would love to interact with but there’s too many idiots out there to risk it.I think I’m gonna put up a messageboard sometime in the future, this way people can post whatever they want, but I won’t have to have anything physically on my computer to annoy me.  It’s so rare that a mesageboard ever becomes anything worthwhile though. Most of the time it’s just a bunch of dopes with no life posting meaningless shit to see their own words on the internet… Wait a minute, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.  Hmmmm…

The only messageboard that I ever bother visiting anymore is this one.

Kazushi Sakuraba is one of the greatest warriors of all time and most of you have no idea who he is.  You ever see a guy get his elbow broken?  Check out this real video of Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie.


You can catch the actual fight and many more awesome mixed martial arts bouts Friday, September 8th in the PRIDE fighting championships from Japan on Direct TV.

I finally found a copy of my album today at the local Tower records. I’ve gotten a lot of complaints that its tough to find it in record stores, and I’ve relayed that to Warner Bros.  I guess it takes a long time for record stores to get around to stocking a record from someone they never heard of.  Oh well.  Shit, I still can’t believe anyone gave me a record deal in the first place. The best place to buy the albums, and most things is the net.

I went to the local deli tonight with my dad to get a sandwich and I saw a porn star, then we went to Tower records and we saw another one. Ain’t California great? I didn’t know their names, but I recognized their faces from their excellent work, most of which I’ve downloaded from here(don’t click if you hate watching people fuck)

OK, I’ve gotta get some sleep.  I’ve got a shitload of interviews to do in the morning.

Well, I should get some sleep, but first a few rounds in the arena!!

If you don’t play Quake3, you ain’t really living.