Rarer than bigfoot

I spent the last few hours going over audio recordings from this past weekends Denver shows.
I’ve made a bunch of notes, and tomorrow will be more of the same and a final isolation tank session before I leave Tuesday for Columbus.
It’s gonna be a crazy week, as I’ve got a sold out show Wednesday night at the Funnybone comedy club for a warm up, then Thursday I film the Spike TV comedy special at the Southern Theatre, and finally Friday I’ve got two more sold out shows at the Funnybone. Then of course after all that, I’m doing commentary for the UFC Saturday night.

I can honestly say that the last few weeks leading up to this special I’ve concentrated more on my act than any other month in my entire career, and this is really just the beginning.
As soon as I film my comedy show on Thursday then the real work begins, because it’s supposed to air on Spike TV in June, so for the next three months I’ve got to do a FUCK LOAD of writing.
I know that people like to hear some of the old bits, but I also know that you want to hear a majority of new material, and the last thing I want is people to come to my show and be disappointed because they’re hearing the same jokes they heard on TV. I take my responsibility to put on a great show and entertain my fans very, very seriously so there will be no rest for me once the special is filmed.
Quite the opposite, really. As soon as the filming is done I’m going to go into overdrive with my writing, including more blog entries. I doubt I can keep up this one blog a day schedule that I’m doing now, but they’ll be WAY more frequent than I’ve written them in the past.

Fortunately for me there’s always interesting shit to write about going on in this wacky world we live in.
Like for instance; when I was in Denver this past weekend I saw something even rarer than Bigfoot: a black guy with a McCain T shirt on.


I didn’t really get a chance to talk with the guy in depth to find out what his deal was, but he seemed like a nice enough fellow.
Maybe he was just wearing it because he was the only black guy in the airport and he wanted everyone to feel relaxed around him. (Denver really is THAT white.)
Either way, we thought it was hilarious. It’s sort of like when you would see a white rapper hanging out with black guys in his music videos to make him seem more legit – as a comic it’s just instinct to poke fun at it.
We didn’t want to be too obvious in taking this guy’s picture so I pretended I was taking a picture of my friend and fellow comic Tom Segura, which just made it all the more fun because we had to be sneaky.
I’m pretty sure he knew what was up, though. He wasn’t shy about it.
We talked to him on the train to the terminal, and he really was a nice guy.

As soon as I get back from Columbus another thing I’m going to do is start seriously looking into relocating to Colorado. People keep asking me why I want to move there, and there’s a lot of reasons, but this is one of the main ones:


That’s an actual view from one of the houses I’m looking at. I mean… holy fuck…
I think looking at that every day is going to inspire me to write some EPIC shit.