Apparently my good friend and current playboy covergirl Jerri is sensitive about having her face posted on disgusting naked bodies. I told her it was a goof, and that people do it to me all the time and I think it’s funny as hell…


But she asked me to take them down, so I did.

Such is life.

She said I should take the real playboy one down too, because playboy is upset at people that are copying the pictures of the net, but until someone contacts me, I think it’s good advertising. Go buy the magazine, there’s a good article in there about something interesting or something.

Yeah… anyway.

I gotta go out and party like the guy with the number one show in the country, but I’ll post some more stuff within a day or two. In the meantime, if you’re bored…feel free to fill my mailbox up with as many fucked up pictures with my face and other nasty bodies as you like. Unlike some people, I’m not very sensitive about that shit.

If you’re looking for some shit to read while I’m out living the pimp life, check out another guy clearly on top of his game, my man Rubber Raw from the notorious Underground and Otherground forums on Mixed Martial, one of my favorite websites. He has a new website up called rubber anchovies with a picture of arguably the greatest ass in the history of the free world. Go there and tell me that rump ain’t world-motherfuckin’-class.

And if you’re still bored after that, go check out a site that my man Doug Stanhope just turned me on to called Extreme Elvis. It’s a site about a fat guy that performs as an Elvis impersonator, only he’s extreme. How extreme? Well he shits on the stage, eats it, and throws it at the audience.


He also does some mean shit to chickens, whatever that means.

See you tomorrow or something…