The JoeShow

If you haven’t watched any of these things, or aren’t even aware they exist, there’s a link in the bar above on the right for the “JoeShow.”

What that is, for the lack of a better term, is this ongoing, online reality show type thing I’ve been doing here.

Since I hired my own personal camera man to follow me around and tape shit, we decided to start putting together some funny/ weird moments that happen in this odd life I’m living and post them up on the site for anyone to see.

If you’re bored at work and you’ve got a fast connection, check em out.

I’m sure some of you will be asking “what are you trying to do with these?”

The answer to that, is nothing. Not trying to do anything with them, really.

Just recording shit, and posting it up on the site for people to see or not see. I don’t have any real agenda with these things, other than the idea that with the fucked up, funny group of humans I hang out with there are often some really hilarious moments, and that it would be nice to capture some of them and watch them later.

I had thought at one point and time to do some sort of a reality show that I could bring to a network or something, but the more I think of that the more I think that might take a lot of the fun out of it.

Right now, it’s in it’s purest form. There’s no script, there’s no format, there’s nothing but a camera capturing shit that would have happened with or without the camera there.

Some of it is funny, some of it is interesting, some of it is dumb, and some of it sucks, but at least there’s no suits that I have to listen to telling me what should or shouldn’t be on it. Believe me, after my experience on the man show that shit scares me more than vampires.

It is what it is. Enjoy… or not.

There’s 5 shows up available for download now, and my advice would be to start with #1 and work your way up to #5.

#4 has real pornography in it, so if you’re offended by that shit, I sincerely hope you didn’t read this and just started downloading them, and when the fuck parts show up on the screen, your mom walks into the room.

Crank the volume up, too. It’s really amazing the sounds a chick makes when a giant dildo is getting shoved up her pooper.