The new and improved podcast experience

I’ve been at this podcast thing for months now, but we’ve finally gotten the audio kinks worked out.
I guess I should have hired an audio engineer, but there’s something cool about figuring the entire thing out week by week from scratch.
Maybe not so cool for you folks that had to crank up your speakers to hear us talk, only to forget and get your ears blown out when you tried to listen to R Kelly on youtube.
I know you’re thinking, “Why the fuck would I be checking out R Kelly on youtube? Mr. Rogan, do you even know your audience?”
I would have probably asked the same question if I hadn’t seen this particular video:
I watched that fucking thing yesterday at least 10 times, and it makes me laugh harder and harder each time. R Kelly is my favorite unintentional black comedian.
That’s a new category I just made up, and he’s the only one I can think that fits in it perfectly.

Anyway, the book writing is coming along, and I’ve got lots of other cool shit cooking.
Today’s podcast will start about an hour and a half from the time I’m posting this, and is regularly scheduled for 3PM pacific time unless something comes up, in which case it will be posted on twitter. It’s live every week on ustream, and then appears on itunes the next day.

Come get some: