Touring overseas, Hot Women and me on today…

I must say, one of the coolest and most unexpected things about starting up this site is the hot chicks that email me pictures of their sweet nakedness. Chicks that have their own websites that they use to either put on sexy little webcam shows like my little friend Amber does…


Or they may be strippers that have websites to promote their touring schedule like my new friend Devon does. I first talked to Devon when I called into a popular syndicated Florida radio show, the Lex and Terry show. She was in the studio promoting her appearance at a local club, and we chit chatted. She gave me the address to her website, and after I saw her pictures there I told her I wanted to bite her pussy like a pit bull locking onto a rabbit. (see, she’s one of those body building freaks, and she likes that kinda shit) Needless to say, we became best of friends ever since. She visits this site all the time and wants to use her extremely fuckable body to say hi…


Please go to her website and join up so that you can whack off to some great pictures of her in all sorts of compromising positions. She has a tour schedule there too, and if she’s in your area I HIGHLY recommend you see her show. Part of her act consists of her sticking her ass up in the air while guys from the crowd shoot watered down lotion at her naked Love Hole.


It doesn’t get much better than that, kids. Oh yeah, if you’re gonna whack off to these pics, try not to do it in public. Apparently you can get in trouble for that shit.

I’m gonna be on the Bobby Slayton show today at 7pm Western time. I have no idea what the fuck time that is for my friends visiting this site in other countries. You’re gonna have to do the math on that one for yourselves boys and girls, but if you can figure it out, I’ll be on there live.

I’ve done the show a few times before, and you can catch one of them in mp3 form in my Joe media section.

That one in my media section is one of the last pure shows they did before they actually started playing on regular radio as well as the internet. It used to be the coolest fucking thing in the world, totally uncensored and free, but then they started syndicating the show out to regular radio stations and all that good shit came to an end. Just like regular radio now… *sigh*.

It’s still funny though, if you know Bobby Slayton at all, he’s a funny motherfucker, and even working in a restricted format he’s better than 90% of the dopes out there polluting the airwaves.

As far as my plans to tour overseas, I really have been considering making a trip to the UK. I really appreciate all the fan mail I’ve been getting from over there and I’m really considering making a trip there sometime in the future. All you have to do to guarantee my performing there is outlaw soccer, and kill your Queen. Believe me it’s for your own good.

In all seriousness I really am thinking of coming there, but I’m warning you now… if I see that Eddie Izzard asshole that you Brits seem to think is funny for some reason, I’m gonna kick him in his fucking nuts and steal his dress.

That’s a promise.

Another promise is that I’ll have this fucking site all archived sometime this week so that you don’t have to scroll down for 20 minutes to get to the bottom and it doesn’t take a fucking hour to load if you’re on a modem.

I’m new to all this website bullshit, gimme some time.

Oh yeah, if you’re really into chicks with a harsh sense of humor and razor sharp mind… I suggest you check out The Misanthropic Bitch. I especially loved her election coverage.

I also added AntiMTV to the links section. I was going to put it up a long time ago, but being the idiot that I am I forgot. It’s a great fucking site though, and I HIGHLY recommend you checking it out. Also check out their humor site, DookieBurger