Trip the fuck out…

Today I had the greatest epiphany I have ever had in my entire life.

You ever see something one day in a way you’ve never seen it before? Just one day you have a revelation… You’re looking at something you see all the time, but today it unfolds before you and shows you it’s true nature?

Today for the first time I really saw the Earth.

I was sitting in my office tonight staring out the window at the sun through my psychedelic oakley shades. It was about 6:30 PM, and the sun was starting to set on the hills near my house. I was looking out the window, not really thinking about anything in particular, just staring out as my mind was reeling with a million thoughts. Thoughts of life and tragic death, thoughts of terrorism and heroics, thoughts of the nature of things. Just staring and thinking, when all of a sudden… I could see it all, and it all made perfect sense. I suddenly got this amazing sensation, that I was just riding on this planet, this gigantic rock as it spins furiously in space, going a thousand miles an hour.

I could see the Earth’s atmosphere, and I could see where it ends, and the darkness of the universe that lies behind it. From this great view that I have, I could actually feel the spin of the Earth. I could feel it pull in an eastward direction. I felt connected to it, and I felt it pull me into the ground with gravity. I’ve never really looked at the Earth in this way, but tonight I saw it with new eyes. I saw the curve of the planet, and I could just feel how shallow the atmosphere actually is. Just a few miles, really. Not that far at all when you think of it. Just a shallow blanket of life sustaining vapors that shield us from the cruel vacuum of space. I felt this, and I saw this, and it made everything I do seem very silly and insignificant.

I looked at the Sun, just a fucking huge, constant explosion of fire and energy. The most insane and chaotic force in the galaxy, and yet one of the things that’s absolutely necessary for life. We sit here comfy and cozy on the rock as it spins faster than the fastest jet that’s ever been built, just far enough away from the enormous, violent fireball to sustain a livable temperature. We see the sunset, and we say "Ooh, look how pretty."

Well, today for the first time in all of my life I REALLY saw it.

I just stared at it all in total wonder. A million more thoughts rushed through my brain. Where was the life from the other planets? Would they ever land here in front of everyone, instead of just the usual bunch of hillbillies in a field?

I felt like someday it could happen… I felt like it was possible something was just going to enter the atmosphere at any time. A huge ship from another planet was going to finally land and put our world in check. They would show us the errors of our ways…

Did you ever think that Aliens are just religion for smart people?

Just another, more feasible way to find a daddy that’s gonna come down and give you all the answers?

Did you ever think that if there really are these super intelligent aliens, why the fuck would they want to have anything to do with us?

I mean really, consider what it is that we humans REALLY are: A primitive, culture that believes in ridiculous fairy tales and superstitions, engages in genocidal, tribal warfare based on the laws of such fairy tales, and most of our entire currency system is based on a useless shiny metal.

What the fuck is with this fascination with gold?

We have entire economies based on this goofy shiny metal that never grows out of favor, and it’s been that way since the beginnings of human history, and nobody ever questions it.

What if intelligent life in the universe is NOT so common, but the conditions for life are

What if a great race that evolved many hundreds of millions of years before ours realized this. What if they realized that the natural phenomenon of intelligent life was an incredible aberration, and was not likely to happen very often at all. The instances of life in the universe were plentiful enough, but the freak occurrence of INTELLIGENT life was insanely rare.

And why would it occur at all?

Isn’t questioning and deep thought contrary to the purpose of nature? Doesn’t nature just exist so that things can procreate and keep the cycle moving? What purpose would intelligent life serve other than to fuck up the chain with ill advised and short sighted meddling? What good would ego serve other than to ruin the natural order of things in the name of ones own kind? Most of what intelligent life embodies is contrary to nature. The weak are supposed to perish, and the food chain is holistic and self supporting, unlike civilized society, which in it’s advancements ignores the self destructing effect it has on the environment.

What if intelligent life is just a rare fuck up?

Just an odd occurrence with no rhyme or reason. What if intelligent life is just the universe’s version of the platypus? A weird creation that follows none of the previous rules, and doesn’t make much sense. And why should the universe give a FUCK whether there is life ANY kind of life ANYWHERE? Why should so called "intelligent" life be a priority for the universe? Why should it matter at all whether or not a planet has “thinkers” or just piles of bacteria and moss? The universe is one insanely huge, never ending, bad ass mother fucker!! Do you really think your new car, or your neighborhood, or your favorite little fucking football team matter to the cosmos?

Why should the universe in all of it’s violent and incredibly immense glory even care what happens on the surface of it’s orbs? Isn’t the universe ITSELF alive in it’s own majestic sense? Creating worlds, destroying stars, constantly expanding and contracting… Do you really think the universe gives a shit about you?

Maybe this great race of intelligent creatures that evolved hundreds of millions of years before man DID realize this, but maybe their own "natural" instincts for survival lead them to meddle anyway. Maybe they could not resist the urge to keep their civilization alive, even while the planet that they lived on was dying. Maybe it was just their ancient genetics fucking with them, forcing themselves on in an illogical way that’s contrary to the plan of nature. Maybe they were aware of this intellectually, but being still driven by their encoded need to carry on the seed, they acted anyway. Maybe they spread out to other worlds. Perhaps they planted seeds of various levels of evolution all over the universe. Perhaps they even accelerated evolution in some places, altering genetics, and even providing technology and answers to questions that wouldn’t be asked for thousands of years.

Maybe that explains how and why the great pyramids were created… Maybe that would explain how a race of people that lived before the invention of steel, a race whose written language consisted of stick figures, a race that were basically living in the stone age, could build something that still baffles us today. I saw a special on the Discovery channel last night that was saying there was considerable evidence that the great pyramid of Giza may have been built as much as 10,500 years ago, making it’s completion long before the invention of the wheel. There’s several theories about how it was done, and all of them suck. Nobody seems wants to step up and say that we really don’t have any idea whatsoever how they pulled it off. They just keep pulling out silly theory after silly theory, none of them which convincingly stick.

Did you know that the Great pyramid of Giza has over 2,300,000 stones that weigh between 2.5 and 80 tons each? Cut so perfectly that you can’t even get a razor blade in between them, all before the invention of steel which means they had only stone and copper tools? And did you know that if you cut and placed 10 of these stones a day it would take you over 664 years to build ONE pyramid? There are some conventional theories that state the pyramids were built over a course of 20 years, which would require cutting and placing one enormous block of stone with perfect precision, every minute, all day long 365 days a year.

They made it with hundreds of thousands of slaves? Not very likely, since contrary to popular belief slave labor was not widely used in Egypt at the time.

And isn’t it at least a little odd that the Egyptians left THOUSANDS of illustrations depicting daily life in the old kingdom, but curiously enough NONE of them show how the pyramids were built?

I mean, why document how and why you built one of the great wonders of the world, when you can leave behind pictures of people carrying fruit on their head?

Did you ever think that maybe we’re just the product of accelerated evolution, reaching out to find our creators in the sky?

That maybe the reason why we’re so fucked up as a race is that we’re just simply not natural? I don’t know if any of this makes any sense to anyone but me, but this storm of ideas inside my head tonight was strangely calming. It felt good to feel insignificant. It felt like I was aware of the balance again, for the first time in weeks.

Was I high when I wrote this?

You bet your fucking ass I was, and THAT amongst other things, is why pot is NEVER going to be legal. Pot will never be legal, and there will never be jet packs. Just think about it… if you could smoke pot and fly through the air, you would never take anything seriously ever again.

This is the message that the US sent out to the rest of the universe on a plaque aboard the Pioneer F space probe in 1960:


The plaque was made out of gold…