UFC 100 and the Buffer 360

One of the cool things about the UFC is the people I get to work with.
We travel all over the world together for the fights, and it’s really like a close knit family.
I look forward to seeing everyone each show, from my broadcast partner Mike Goldberg, to Dana White and the Fertitta’s to everyone that’s working behind the scenes.  It’s really an awesome environment to work in.  There are just so many cool people that work for the UFC, and it makes what is easily the greatest job in the world even better.

This last UFC was the historical UFC 100, and it had one of the best cards in the history of the sport.  From the first fight until the last it was just awesome, non-stop action.
It had everything from submissions, to bloody cuts, to brutal knockouts and choke outs.
It was seriously the most intense MMA event I’ve ever been to by far.
The whole weekend was just crackling with energy, and Mandalay Bay in Vegas was just stuffed to the rafters with rabid UFC fans.  It wasn’t just an amazing fight card; it was a celebration for the UFC diehards – a chance to be a part of history.

I could feel it from the moment we landed – the air was thick with anticipation.  The weigh-ins was completely, totally fucking insane.  There were thousands of people there, and they even turned 1000 away at the door.  The roar of the crowd when the fighters stepped out to get on the scales was deafening, and the energy in the room literally gave me goose bumps.  Big, giant ones like I just stepped into a walk-in freezer.

The fights were tremendous, and it was one of those rare occasions where the event actually far surpassed the hype.  Brock Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir to retain his UFC heavyweight crown with a crushing display of positional dominance and earth-shaking ground and pound.  It was seriously like watching a skillful man getting assaulted and destroyed by a monster.  George St Pierre showed once again why so many people believe he’s in the running for the greatest pound for pound fighter in the world by turning away his most dangerous challenge ever in the young and explosive Thiago Alves, and doing so by winning every single round.

In the grudge match of the evening, Dan Henderson delivered one of the most brutal and ruthless KO’s in recent memory when he crushed Michael Bisping with a right hand that landed on Bisping’s jaw like a meteor, and was followed up with a leaping right hand delivered to an already unconscious opponent.  It was fucking NASTY.
Incredible fights, and that’s just the main 3 fights of the night.  The entire card was off the charts, and there wasn’t a single boring match all evening.  It was just a fucking phenomenal night, and we got to see not only the historic 100th pay per view card, but we also got to see the one and only appearance of the Buffer 360.

What’s the Buffer 360, you ask?  Good question.  It’s a move that the UFC ring announcer – the fabulous and talented Bruce Buffer – did at the introduction of Brock Lesnar for the main event of the evening.  Buffer has been doing the Buffer 180 for a couple years now, and for the big even of UFC 100 we talked him into amping it up and going for a full 360.  Now, why didn’t you see this on the pay per view?
That’s another good question.  Unfortunately I don’t really have an answer for it.  Someone from up on high does not want it in the broadcast, so it hasn’t been shown.
I don’t know why someone doesn’t like it, but I think it’s fucking awesome.
The 180 was ridiculous and fun enough, but the 360 seriously was like the cherry on top of the perfect evening.  We were waiting for it, and when he actually did it, we went fucking NUTS.  It was awesome.
So, since they refuse to air his move on the pay per view, I’m putting it up here in my blog so that you folks can enjoy it.
The first video was us discussing it with Bruce months beforehand, and the second video was the historic event captured on video from the crowd at the sold out Mandalay Bay resort and casino.  It was seriously some EPIC shit.