UFC fan heckles in Columbus, Ohio

I do a lot of comedy shows the weekends that I do commentary for the UFC.
Most of the crowds are great, but of course being that a lot of them are a little extra pumped up, and a little extra drunk, often times I get a few folks that want to participate in the show more than just laughing and enjoying themselves.
The crowds in Columbus were awesome, and the shows were sold out days in advance, but of course we had a heckler or two that I thought you peeps might enjoy watching.
A funny note – the guy at the end of the video with his shirt off – we ran into him at 3am after eating at steak and shake, he was stumbling through the streets, still shirtless, and his face was covered with blood.
Someone probably decided he was an easy target and beat the fuck out of him. I’m not sure if he even knew it had happened. When we ran into him before we headed back to the hotel, and although his face was plastered with blood and snot, and he was still holding his arms up in the air in a combination victory/”boy am I fucked up” gesture.
I was so fucking pissed that I forgot my camera, because that would have made the crowning addition to this blog.
At least we got some good video. Enjoy!!

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