Vegas… Clarification…

I’m off to Vegas in the am to go see the Kostya Tszyu vs. Sharmba Mitchell junior welterweight championship unification fight. No stand up for another week for me. I haven’t taken 2 weeks of doing stand up for over a year, but I needed a break, and fucking around for 12 hours a day with freaks while they’re doing crazy stunts for money can wear your ass out.

If you see me in Vegas, be sure to say hi. It’s cool to get recognized from newsradio, and even cooler from stand up, but the last time I was in Vegas I was waiting for a cab when this dude driving by hung his head out the window and yelled out at me ", muthafucka!!!" That… was too fucking cool.

Clarification #2…

Apparently my homey Beltane from Black Rage is having a little dispute with over linking some picture or something without their permission. My linking them on the front page in no way constitutes me taking their side on this thing, as I have no idea what it’s about, and I have a lot more important shit to concern myself with. I did however check out what he had to say on his site, and I have a feeling this may all have to do with his scathing review of their site under his very funny article titled "I wasn’t gonna do this ever again…but…" It’s a review of "Angry Chicks On The Web" and he tears apart the badass chick site, along with a bunch of others.

Well, everyone has their opinions, and I agree with him on some of them, but you CAN’T tell me this isn’t an entertaining read, and a service to men everywhere. Any chick that tells her readers that men hate it when your ass gets fat, and you should give more head, is OK in my book.

This dude, however, is clearly a tard. He’s the angry guy!! Oohhh! He’s mad that software piracy is illegal! He’s CRAZY!! He says "Everyone is a dumbass… even YOU!" Oh my god, he’s Edgy!! The best part about the article is where the readers comments shoot holes in his argument, and tear his stupid article apart.

Anyway, Beltane was all sad on my messageboard, so I wanted to clear this up. I’m still down with the Black Rage, but I gotta call ‘em like I see ‘em.