Voting and Shit…

"You smoke a joint, you go to jail, Rich wife beater’s out on bail, November comes it’s time to vote, which puppet do I trust the most?"

That’s a line from a song that I wrote called "The American Dream." The song’s not really about voting, it’s about how frustrating and futile some things in life can seem. As I’m typing this I’m hiding in my office from my girlfriend, because just being in the same fucking room as her can drive me insane sometimes. Life as a human being can be very fucking frustrating, we all know that. Just as an example, I was at the mall the other day doing a little shopping, just trying to chill, when this fat lady yells at her fat kids and stops in the middle of the walkway, her oversized ass blocking traffic. She was aware of me being behind her, so I gave her the courtesy of getting her situation in order with her kids and just paused there for a moment waiting for her to clear the way. She was very frustrated and chose to make me wait there while she scolded them. I guess subconsciously she wanted to have control over something, and since she didn’t have it over her weight, and she didn’t have it over her kids, and least she had a temporary moment where she controlled the path of a perfect stranger. I waited. She kept talking to her kids, and never cleared the way, even though she saw me standing there. A few moments went by, and I decided to speak.

"Excuse me."

Nothing. Louder.

"Excuse me."

She shoots me a look like I’m the asshole, and begrudgingly moves out of my way. At that moment her husband steps from around the corner and I see his eyes.

He’s tired… and he lives in hell. His job probably sucks, his kids are little hellions, and I’m guessing he’s not too psyched to be married to her. He takes a deep breath, and he makes a meager effort to control his spawn. "Hey, come on. Listen to your mother."

I catch his eyes one more time before I turn. He’s a beaten man. I catch her eyes… She’s a beaten woman. I look at the kids… They’re the only hope in the whole family, and the only hope that they have is that they learn about life from an outside source.

Maybe they’ll drop mushrooms in college, or maybe they’ll get involved in martial arts. Maybe they’ll read a profoundly influential book and choose a different path. One of the kids stops what he’s doing and looks at me. Maybe he’s curious… maybe he thinks. Maybe he and his brother have a chance to break out of the pattern.

More likely than not though, they’re gonna turn out to be miserable fucks just like their parents.

THIS is America.

This is what the major political parties count on.

Frustration, weariness. They count on you to have at best a surface knowledge of what’s going on. They count on you to adopt a predetermined pattern of thought that they will readily provide you so that all your questions are answered for you and no further thinking is necessary.

You will be free to numb yourself with sitcoms and beer.

You will be one of two things: A liberal, or a conservative.

You will say things like : "Well, I’m a republican so…"

THAT is when they have you.

They’ll say all the keywords : "healthcare!" "working families!" "protect our children!"

They’ll even say shit that makes no fucking sense at all like "A thousand points of light"

Or what my favorite fucking retard, George W. recently said about child killers having their "hearts turned dark by the Internet"

Occasionally you will hear rumblings about a "Third party candidate"… but you will be shown only the whack jobs like Pat Buchanan Well, did you know that there are actually 13 different parties running for president? Of course you didn’t, because nobody tells you. Did you know that the presidential debates were run by a PRIVATE company that is funded by big businesses? I bet you didn’t know that either.

I came across this article written by Space Boy from the website Black Rage. It’s brilliant and perfect, and I couldn’t have said it better myself, so with his permission I posted it here.


{Debating Ralph}- 11:43 PM Wednesday, 4 October, 2000;

Space Boy Today’s topic, boys and girls, is on the influence of billionaire¹s money on the Commission on Presidential Debates. Some say that Nader and Buchanan have no business being allowed on national television, that the system we set up over a hundred years to determine who has a right to speak has worked just dandy so far, so why rock the yacht? To these people I would like to contribute a few fun facts about the debates and why it is critical that all four men be allowed to speak their mind.

1. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) sets the rules for the televised presidential debates and is run by former chairmen of the Democratic and Republican National Committees. The CPD is bankrolled by corporations that also help fund the Democrats and Republicans. Can we say conflict of interest, kiddies?

2. AT&T donated more than $2.4 million to the CPD for the 1992 and 2000 debates; and this election cycle shelled out $992,815 to the Democratic Party, $1.4 million to the Republican Party, and $1 million each to the Democratic and Republican conventions. So, it’s obvious that it’s important to somebody. Telecommunications Act of 1996 mean anything to you?

3. This year, Anheuser-Busch has given hundreds of thousands of dollars each to the CPD, the Democrats and the Republicans. It is a mere coincidence that one of the presidential debates is in St. Louis, the corporate headquarters of Anhaueser-Busch. This essentially means that they bought themselves a debate. Not too shabby.

4. In the 1992 debates, Philip Morris actually hung a banner that was visible on TV during the post-debate interviews! Classy! Phillip Morris donated more than $1.7 million to the CPD in ’92 and ’96, and this election cycle has donated $1.3 million to the Republican Party, $250,000 to the Republican convention, and $175,000 to the Democrats. I suppose you think it’s an accident that Minnesota still has the largest teen smoker rates in the nation despite the recent landmark civil action suit. Right.

5. The parent companies of ABC News, CNN, NBC, FOX and CBS donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in soft money to the Democrats and Republicans this year. Each one of these media companies own a polling firm that determines the poll numbers for a Presidential candidate. It is these poll numbers that are used as part of the selection criteria for inclusion in the debates. That ‘soft money’ not only can be tracked, it can be turned right around and re-used. I don’t hear very much about anymore, do you?

6. Ralph Nader is the only presidential candidate who for years has advocated an end to good old boy politics and wants to institute real campaign finance reform. So what do all these numbers mean to you, the reader? Quite frankly, it means a lot is riding on this debate and that¹s why the evil, two-headed hydra of Bush/Gore should not be the only ones there. If enough people actually listened to the insane Nazi propaganda that Buchanan keeps spouting out about, people won¹t vote for him. And if people actually hear what Ralph Nader has to say, they might vote for their hopes and inspirations this November instead of their fears. The debate system is obviously rigged to the two-party system but that wasn’t always the case. The Democrats and Republicans and their corporate sponsors must not be allowed to control the information that reaches the American public.