Weekly podcasts have begun…

I don’t necessarily believe in New Years resolutions, but it just so happens that I’ve decided to make a bunch of shit happen exactly at the time the calendar year changed to 2010.  Total coincidence, I swear.  Sort of. Not really. I got caught up in the movement and decided to make something good out of it. I’ve been threatening to do some sort of a weekly podcast for a while now, and we’ve done it two weeks in a row now. Week 3 will start tomorrow at 3pm Pacific time, and you can follow all the action and even join in with questions here:
You can go there and watch the archived episodes from the last 2 weeks.
We’ll only be taking questions on Twitter, and on my messageboard, there’ll be a special thread in Shit Talking 101 dedicated to questions for this weeks podcast. I’ll approve new members right before the podcast starts, and a couple times during the 2 hour show whenever we get a chance.
The best plan is to register for the board now so that you definitely can get your questions in under the wire.

We’re going make this a weekly thing, and I’ll be converting my office to make it more accommodating for us to hang out in here and broadcast from it. I’m also going to set it up soon to accept skype calls and upload video for you guys to watch so that we’ll have some interesting things to talk about. Right now we’re looking at keeping the broadcasts roughly around the same day and time, but that could change. When it does, I’ll of course update my ustream page and announce it on twitter.
If you don’t follow me on twitter, please do. It’s the best way to keep up with tour dates, and it’s the social networking site I use far more than any other. I comment and joke about just about everything on there.

As for everything else, I’ve been severely lacking in my blog updates, but something has to take a hit with me writing a book and living my life, and that seems to be it.
I’m going to promise at least one new blog update a week, though. It’s been over a month since my last one, and that feels like shit.
Thanks for all your support, and lets start this 2010 off with some serious momentum! Less than 3 years to go until December 21st, 2012… whatever the fuck that means.