Welcome to my fucked up website’s day one!

I put it up at because was already taken. There’s actually a dude that sells real estate in Alexandria VA that’s named Joe Rogan too. I was gonna buy the domain name from him, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that if you’re too fucking stupid to find this site in a search engine, I probably don’t want you to see it. So here we are. As far as the other Joe Rogan, I spoke with him on the phone and he seems to be a real nice guy, so please don’t fuck with him. Plus he was an NSA agent before he turned to real estate, so if you piss him off he’ll probably have some of his military buddies track you down and stomp your fucking head in. You should always be nice to authorities.


What I will be providing on this site is a place where I can post up any information about me, where I’m gonna be doing stand-up, and other “Entertainment” news that I might be involved in. I’m also gonna be posting any fucked up shit that I find out there on the net that I find amusing, and/or interesting, as well as giving you links to other cool sites that are doing the same. I’m also gonna be giving the opportunity to many of my friends that want to post rants or links or whatever they feel like here, so look at the heading of each post before you get pissed off at something you think I said.  If it doesn’t say “Joe Rogan” it ain’t me.  No aliases, I swear.

I’ll also be posting mp3′s from my first album “I’m gonna be dead someday”which will be out on Warner Bros. Records August 22nd. There’ll be a link setup to buy the album direct from Warner Bros. Online. If you don’t have a creditcard, you’re shit outta luck here, but you can get the album in stores nationwide as long as you don’t go to some fucking commie cocksucking censored shit hole like Walmart or something. I’ll be posting a “banned” list from Warner Bros. as soon as I get one from them, as well as Email addresses of the companies involved if you’re bored and you like giving them shit.

Howard Stern is my fucking HERO.  He’s played bits from my album on his show 3 times now.  Hopefully because of him my album will sell an assload of copies and I won’t have to whore myself out to some shitty TV show to support my pimp lifestyle.  But if you see me anytime soon on the latest Joey Lawrence project or co-staring with Scott Baio in a USA cable network movie of the week, you know what time it is.