Whad’ya bored?

Are you at work? Bored out of your dome surfing for amusement? Check out these fucked up stories:

Survivor Africa is FUCKED Gee, I wonder why that hasn’t been on the news more?

This dude was too smart for "millionaire" One more advantage "Fear Factor" has, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be too smart for our show

One more "millionaire" problem, and one more reason to never leave the US.

One more reason to never leave.

MORE PROOF that people are getting more retarded everytime I check. They even want a new word to describe actual retards, because "retarded" has become demeaning.

Just imagine if this kid was wearing a Joe Rogan T-shirt instead of a Jeff Foxworthy one. And this was in fucking NEWARK of all places!! I was born in Newark,NJ, and if you’re not offended by the smell and the crime, how the fuck is a T-shirt gonna bother you?

More proof that Tax collectors are evil cocksuckers that should be shot on sight.

More proof that anyone that answers a poll is a fucking idiot.

I hope these links can keep you occupied for a little bit while I come up with something to actually "write" for the site.

Quick!! Look busy, the boss is coming!!