Wicked good times across the pond, launch of “shiny happy jihad.”

I’ve been wanting to get over to the UK for a long, long time, and I finally made it a few weeks ago for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and a comedy gig at a cool little place in Manchester, England called “Charlie’s.”

First off, English people are so fucking polite and friendly it’s insane.
It really makes you realize how douchey people from America can be sometimes.
There were several times when I was over there where I was trying to figure out why there’s such a drastic difference in the way people over here behave.
Is it the hunger for success and the drive for the “American Dream” that makes so many of us a bunch of rude cunts? It can’t just be that, because the contrast was also apparent in the comparison in the attitudes of the American airline security peeps, people not exactly known for their relentless ambition.
In England, they couldn’t have been nicer. Everyone that passed through the x-ray machine got a “Thank you, have a safe flight.” As soon as we landed in Chicago we were welcomed back by a rude 300 pounder who was upset that the people streaming through that goofy fucking security maze weren’t aware that she had opened up a new path. “Damn, people so stupid.” She mumbled under her breath to one of her equally plump, and equally dull-eyed co-workers, who nodded in slack-jawed agreement.
The land of the free and home of the brave, indeed.

Whatever it is, I think it would do a lot of people over here in the US some good to take a trip across the pond and hang out with the English for a little while.
Everywhere we went people were friendly and polite, from the salespeople in the stores to the drunks at the comedy show.

I was over there for the UFC, but most of the time when I travel for the fights I try to schedule a gig somewhere nearby for the night before. Dave Bishop is an English comic and an E-friend of mine that I met online a few years back on my messageboard. He hooked up a show for us at a Manchester comedy club called “Charlie’s.”

dave and birs

It was a cool little place that was probably only supposed to comfortably hold about 100 people, but it was stuffed with more than double that with a bunch of drunk and enthusiastic English folks that would occasionally break out into song when the moment moved them. It was a wild, fun fucking show, and apart from the shitty mic that kept cutting out every 20 seconds, and the few drunks that couldn’t shut the fuck up, I don’t think I could have ever had a better time for an hour and a half.
Now I understand why Bill Hicks loved England so much.
I can’t wait to get over there again.


I think we’re going over to London sometime around September for another UFC, so I’m going to try to get there a few days early and schedule some more shows.



My new comedy CD, “Shiny Happy Jihad” is finally out, and the sales and reviews have been fantastic. I really couldn’t be happier. I think it’s the best thing by far that I’ve ever put out, and one of the few pieces of my own work that I can sit through without wanting to shut it off and run out of the building. It’s also really the only thing I’ve ever put out where I was really only concentrating only on stand up when I recorded it. I’ve made the mistake many times in my “career” of spreading myself way too thin by doing a million different things at the same time, and I think my stand up – the thing that’s the most important to me – is what has suffered the most. Well, I’ve learned my lesson, and from now on I’m altering my focus drastically.
A HUGE thank you to all the people that loved the new CD and sent me all the cool emails, and thank you to all the people that wrote all the great reviews. I really, really appreciate it.

My much delayed new website is almost complete now. There’s still a few things we have to add, one of them will be the ability to add comments to blog posts, and some other nifty shit.
The main frame of the site is done now, so my blog postings will be a lot more frequent, and I’m going to put together some sort of a regular pod cast too.
The one hour I did with Joey Diaz on Sirius satellite radio last week was really fucking fun so I’m gonna try to do some more of that too.